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Maria Straatmann, a retired scientist and businesswoman, has studied in the Vipassana tradition with Gil Fronsdal since 1996. Maria serves as IMC Audiodharma Online Courses Coordinator/Teacher, and on its Chaplaincy Council; she is a Spirit Rock Buddhist Ritual Minister. She emphasizes freedom through seeing things as they are and letting go of unskillful mind habits, on the cushion and especially in daily life.

Dharmette 2010-11-2412:22
Practice Note 2010-11-245:10
Developing Wisdom 2010-05-0643:16
On Stillness 2009-09-0352:19
Unpacking Direct Experience 2009-06-2842:34
Delusion and Its Opposite 2008-05-2255:42
Equanimity 2008-03-2054:47
Working With Non-Hate 2007-12-1345:23
The Five Faculties: Mindfulness (3 of 5) 2007-10-1853:00
Three Characteristics: Not Self - (3 of 3) 2006-12-1457:09
Hindrances: Doubt - (Week 5) 2006-09-1457:58
Love 2006-05-2551:38
Mudita Karuna Metta 2005-12-1556:56
Holding Pain 2004-12-3044:38
Intention 2004-03-1856:50


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