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All Retreats

Title Start Date Venue
Perfections of the Heart - Parami course 2021.07.18 IMC Programs
Online Mindfulness of Mind Retreat for Experienced Students with Andrea Fella 2021.07.18 Insight Retreat Center
Online Insight Retreat: Balance and Stability with Ines Freedman & Diana Clark 2021.07.07 Insight Retreat Center
7 dia Retiro de Insight en Línea con Andrea Castillo, David Lorey y Francisco Morillo Gable 2021.06.28 Insight Retreat Center
2 week Online Insight Retreat for Experienced Practitioners with Gil Fronsdal and Ines Freedman 2021.05.15 Insight Retreat Center
4 day Online Insight Retreat with Diana Clark and Nikki Mirghafori 2021.04.14 Insight Retreat Center
Cloud Mountain Online Retreat: April 3-10 with Carol Wilson and Andrea Fella 2021.04.02 External - Non IMC Event
1 week Online Metta and Wisdom Retreat 2021.03.13 Insight Retreat Center
7 Day Online Insight Retreat: Feb - Mar 2021, Gil Fronsdal/Ines Freedman with bruni dávila for auditor support 2021.02.27 Insight Retreat Center
Awareness and Wisdom Integrated Daily Life Retreat Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2021 2021.02.26 IMC Programs
1 week Online Insight Retreat with Gil Fronsdal, Diana Clark, with Shelley Gault for auditor support 2021.02.13 Insight Retreat Center
1 Week Online Insight Retreat: Jan 2021 Gil Fronsdal, Nolitha Tsengiwe, Devon Hase 2021.01.23 Insight Retreat Center
5-Day Insight Santa Cruz Retreat: Dec 2020, Bob Stahl, Mary Grace Orr, JD Doyle 2020.12.15 Insight Retreat Center
Insight Retreat with Gil Fronsdal and Matthew Brensilver, assisted by Ines Freedman, Dec 6th-13th, 2020 2020.12.05 Insight Retreat Center
Insight Retreat with Gil and Max for people in their 20's and 30's 2020.11.13 Insight Retreat Center
Metta Retreat with Nikki Mirghafori and Diana Clark 2020.11.04 Insight Retreat Center
6 Day Online Insight Retreat: Oct 2020, Max Erdstein/Matthew Brensilver 2020.10.12 Insight Retreat Center
4 day Radical Presence: Courage, Connection, and Love for Personal and Collective Awakening 2020.09.30 Insight Retreat Center
Experienced Students Retreat with Gil Fronsdal and Ines Freedman 2020.09.12 Insight Retreat Center
4 Day Online Insight Retreat: Sept 2020, Max Erdstein and Diana Clark 2020.09.03 Insight Retreat Center
4-Day Online Insight Retreat with Gil Fronsdal and assisting teachers. 2020.08.26 Insight Retreat Center
Daily Life Retreat (Online) August 2020 2020.08.21 IMC Programs
Satipatthana retreat: Aug 2020, Andrea Fella/Pamela Weiss 2020.08.11 Insight Retreat Center
July 19 -29, 2020: Mindfulness of Mind (Online Retreat) with Andrea Fella 2020.07.18 Insight Retreat Center
July 16-19, 2020: Strengths and Insights with Gil Fronsdal 2020.07.15 Insight Retreat Center