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RAFT class 1 of 3

Tanya Wiser
By: Tanya Wiser

Mindfulness of emotions and thinking can be facilitated by "RAFT .” This is an acronym for four ways of practicing mindfulness. They are R = Recognize, A = Allow, F = Feel, and T = Tease Apart & Trust. Helping us through the complexity to see simplicity. In this three-week series, we will work each of the four steps as they apply to emotions and thinking. The metaphor of RAFT suggests that together they can help keep you out of the strong currents and undertows of strong emotions and thinking.

Recorded: Thursday, May 11, 2023 at Insight Meditation Center
Duration: 1:25:55

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RAFT Tanya Wiser 2023.05.11 1:25:55 1:25:55

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