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The Dhammapada: Gems of Wisdom (3 of 3)

Kim Allen
By: Kim Allen

Discernment, Nuance, and Refinement

These chapters cover ideas aimed more at people who are already practicing and walking the path. They bring in refinement of our wisdom and deeper nuance or subtlety of understanding.

  • Chapter 4–Flowers
  • Chapter 8–Thousands
  • Chapter 19–The Just
  • Chapter 20–The Path
  • Chapter 21–Miscellaneous
  • Chapter 23–The Elephant
  • Chapters 25,26–The Bhikkhu and The Brahmin (second time)

Recorded: Saturday, November 19, 2022 at Sati Center
Duration: 1:17:26

Appears in Series:

Title Speaker Date Length Length/
The Dhammapada: Gems of Wisdom Kim Allen 2022.11.05 3:51:16 3:51:16

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