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Time and Our Human Condition - Sayadaw U Jagara and Nikki Mirghafori

Do you often feel there isn't enough time? That time is rushing by? Does available time feel tight or spacious? Do you fret about appointments, anxiously arriving early, or guiltily running late? Do you find yourself caught in reminiscing about the past, or planning for the future, or berate yourself for not being "in the moment"? Does your mind reach for the next moment, or perhaps, tries to hold on to this moment's experience? Are you frequently conscious of the transitory nature of our human life?

The notion of time is central to our human experience. It is our constant companion, and we experience our life within the framework of time with a variety of conscious and unconscious patterns. In this daylong, we explored our relationship to time primarily through the vast Theravada literature, from suttas to commentarial analysis. In addition, the day included guided meditations, small and large group discussions, and Q/A periods. The goal is to shed light on our implicit and often unexamined attitudes towards time, and gain a practical understanding and embodiment of the teachings that can be adopted in our daily life.


Title Speaker Date Length Length/
Guided Meditation on Relationship to Time Nikki Mirghafori 2017.04.08 20:23 20:23
Reflections from Audience on Guided Meditation Nikki Mirghafori 2017.04.08 15:02 15:02
Overview Nikki Mirghafori 2017.04.08 32:58 32:58
Suttas references to time Sayadaw U Jagara 2017.04.08 1:06:08 1:06:08
Guided Meditation on Death and Present Moment Nikki Mirghafori 2017.04.08 18:20 18:20
Questions and Answeres Nikki Mirghafori 2017.04.08 35:53 35:53
Reading of Renunciation of Time-Q&A Sayadaw U Jagara 2017.04.08 1:15:29 1:15:29

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