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Cheryl Hylton has been a student of Gil Fronsdal and meditation practitioner since 1997. She teaches the Basic Meditation Instruction class at IMC, has served on the IMC board, fund development and board development committees and the Ethics and Reconciliation Council. She is IMC residential retreat co-coordinator and lives in San Mateo with her husband, Jeff.

Retreat from Mindlessness at any Time 2011-12-2749:06
Five Faculties: Wise Effort (2 of 5) 2009-01-1555:29
Not Getting What You Want 2007-12-0655:54
Right Effort - (Week 2) 2006-06-0859:34
Concentration 2005-09-2957:06
Mindfulness Of Feelings 2005-03-1060:42
Heavenly Messengers 2004-07-0160:35


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