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David Cohn was a resident practitioner at the Zen Center of San Francisco's three practice places, Tassajara Monastery, Green Gulch Farm, and the City Center, from 1970 to 1984, and was ordained as a priest in 1974. Since then he has carried on lay practice, became married and has a daughter and a grandson. He owned and operated two San Francisco restaurants from 1985 until retirement in 2009. He was a Zen Hospice Project volunteer for 20 years, and has been a Peninsula Hospital volunteer chaplain from 2002 to the present. He serves as board chairman and consultant for the Zen Center Everyday board, overseeing Greens. He practices now with Gil Fronsdal and the IMC and IRC communities, is an IMC board member, is on the IMC chaplaincy council, and is an IMC mentor.

Senior Sangha April (David guided, talk, Robert Talk, Fiona talk) 2021-04-151:15:27
Senior Sangha March (guided & talk David, talk Robert, talk Fiona) 2021-03-181:24:38
Senior Sangha Meeting Feb (Guided & Talk David, Guided & Talk Robert) 2021-02-181:30:01
Senior Sangha January (guided David, guest Talk Maria Straatmann) 2021-01-211:24:40
Senior Sangha December (Guided David, Talk & guided Robert, talk Fiona) 2020-12-171:33:15
Senior Sangha Nov. Session (Talk David, Talk Robert, Talk Fiona) 2020-11-191:28:28
Senior Sangha Meeting Oct (starts few mins in, with David, Fiona and Robert) 2020-10-221:13:55
Senior Sangha Sept Meeting with David (not recorded), Berget, Robert 2020-09-241:16:01
Senior Sangha Guided Meditation on Impermanence 2020-08-2711:55
Senior Sangha August Meeting with David and Fiona on Impermanence 2020-08-271:31:51
Senior Sangha July Zoom Meeting with David, Fiona and Robert 2020-07-231:13:10
Guided Meditation on Happiness from Senior Sangha July Meeting 2020-07-2316:57
Senior Sangha June Zoom Meeting on Equanimity 2020-06-251:17:49
Senior Sangha May Zoom with David Cohn and Robert Cusick 2020-05-281:26:19
Senior Sangha Guided Meditation on Awareness 2020-05-2820:59
Senior Sangha Zoom meeting with David and Robert: Our common humanity 2020-04-231:22:34
Senior Sangha David Cohn Guided Meditation From March 26 Meeting 2020-04-0120:43
Senior Sangha Collected Guided Meditations (Series) 2020-04-0162:15
Senior Sangha: Zoom meeting: What's good for you right now? 2020-03-261:11:22
Senior Sangha: There is Nothing Wrong With Us 2020-02-2724:27
Dharmette: Happiness set point 2020-02-2613:35
Practice Note: Intention 2020-02-268:00
Senior Sangha: Transformation In Our Golden Years 2020-01-2324:42
Dharmette: Welcoming Everything 2020-01-1515:37
Practice Note: Joyful Exertion 2020-01-157:56
Dharmette: Awareness 2019-12-1114:46
Practice Notes_Awareness 2019-12-1114:06
Awareness 2019-12-1056:09
Mindfulness of Thinking 2019-07-311:28:19
Dharmette: Patience 2019-02-2013:59
Practice Note: Contemplation of Death 2019-02-204:27
The Blessings of Our Contemplative Life 2019-01-1751:32
Hindrances 2019-01-0642:24
Seeing the River 2018-12-3041:19
Dharmette: Estrangement From Self 2018-10-3115:43
Practice Note: Purifying View 2018-10-314:38
Faith In Dharma Fields 2018-07-1253:09
Happy Hour: Receiving Metta 2018-05-1658:39
Faith 2018-04-2947:17
The Pleasure of The Path 2018-02-2818:30
Happy Hour Samadhi 2018-02-1462:14
Happy Hour: Metta Meditation 2018-01-3160:17
Dharmette: Samadhi 2017-12-139:54
Practice Note: Lemonade/Lemons 2017-12-137:43
Reflection on Death 2017-03-3051:15
Dharmette: Non suffering 2017-03-0814:53
Practice Note: Suffering 2017-03-084:53
Dharmette 2016-10-1914:16
Practice Note 2016-10-193:11
Dharmette: Release the hindrance 2016-06-0816:40
Practice Note: Notice the Obstacles 2016-06-083:56
Dharmette: Freedom from Suffering 2016-04-2714:30
Practice Note: Love yourself 2016-04-273:28
Vow As TouchStone 2016-01-2714:19
Embodying Thoughts 2016-01-274:35
Mindfulness, suffering and postitive practice 2015-08-2560:45
Dharmette: Love, sickness and happiness
Enjoy the practice of positive feelings 2015-05-1313:12
Attention to positive feelings 2015-05-132:29
The Medicine That Cures 2014-06-2519:43
Softening Right Effort 2014-06-253:41
Mindfulness, Mutuality, and Patience 2013-05-0817:15
Incline Toward Peace 2012-11-1415:25
Dharmette: Lost in Our Stories 2012-05-0914:08
The Four Noble Truths 2012-02-0945:11
Dharmette: Appreciation 2011-07-1315:07
Contemplation of Death 2011-04-0746:01
The Three Foundations of Practice 2010-09-2913:42
Awareness 2010-01-2710:51


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