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Angie Boissevain is a transmitted lay priest disciple of Kobun Chino Otogawa and completed transmission with Vanja Palmers. She has been teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area for 40 years, with emphasis on zazen, and informal studies of Buddhist, especially Soto Zen, teachings. She was one of the founders, with Kobun roshi, of Jikoji, a Zen temple and retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains, and is teacher for Floating Zendo meditation group in Santa Clara.

Doubt and Confidence 2017-03-0546:03
Facing Adversity with the Paramitas 2013-05-2644:10
Sitting 2012-12-0333:52
Reflections on Hope and Trust 2011-05-2942:59
Effort 2007-03-0140:42
Not One Not Two 2006-10-0530:51
Craving 2006-09-1033:50
Truth and Courage 2006-04-2739:06
Not Taking That Which Is Not Given 2005-07-3133:40
Relaxing in the Moment 2005-04-2141:43
Devotion and Service 2005-02-2048:26
How Is Our Practice 2005-01-2734:39
Fear 2004-09-1642:52
Attention 2004-06-1758:20
Nature of Practice 2004-06-0737:26
Q & A: Meditation & Buddha's Life 2004-02-1948:49
Knowledge 2003-04-2043:50
Generosity 2002-12-2935:03
Paramitas 2002-11-0744:08
Renewal 2002-03-2734:05
New Year - New Center 2001-12-3128:18
Attitude of Practice 2001-11-2534:03
Practice 2001-07-2641:01


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