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Shin Kwan Park began meditation in the Insight or Vipassana tradition during her MA studies in Counseling Psychology and work in the mental health field. The wisdom and compassion practices along with mindfulness training offered in this tradition compelled her to dedicate herself to deeper practice and experiential learning. She has completed the Community Dharma Leadership Program from Spirit Rock and has been teaching under the mentorship of Gil Fronsdal for the past few years.

Beginners Practice Group Wk2 2014-02-191:19:10
The Three Characteristics of Existence: Suffering 2014-02-1145:50
Intro to Mindfulness - Daily Life 2014-02-051:13:41
Introduction to Meditation - Emotions - week 3 2014-01-221:30:33
Introduction to Meditation - Emotions 2014-01-221:30:33
Introduction to Mindfulness - Body 2014-01-151:34:35
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
Beginners Practice Group Wk 4 Pt 2 2013-12-0437:05
Beginners Practice Group Wk 2 Pt 1 2013-11-2040:03
Introduction to Mindfulness week 5 building on the foundation 2013-10-301:30:43
Dharma Mentoring Program 2013 (Series) 2013-09-1410:42:34
How We Spend Our Time 2013-08-0710:38
Clinging, Craving, Letting Go 2013-06-1212:54
Practice Note 2013-06-122:34
When Mindfulness Does Not work 2013-03-2013:09
Expressions of Mindfulness 2013-02-0335:18
Gratitude 2013-01-3010:26
Dharmette: Relieving Suffering 2012-08-1511:22
Dharmette: Thoughts & Emotions 2012-07-2512:31
Ease and the Noble Eightfold Path 2012-07-0242:25
Dharmette: Struggles of Practice 2012-06-2710:55
The Middle Path 2011-12-2942:32
Keep Practice Simple 2011-11-2311:45
Worldly Compassion 2011-05-1241:26


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