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Fu Schroeder has studied Zen Buddhism as a resident of the San Francisco Zen Center since 1979. She began working for the community at the Tassajara Bread Bakery and later at Greens Restaurant before entering monastic training at Zen Mountain Center. Fu was priest ordained in 1986 and received Dharma Transmission from Tenshin Reb Anderson in 1999. Fu is currently the Abiding Abbess at Green Gulch Farm and a trustee of the Marin Community Foundation and the Buck Family Fund. She offers classes, workshops, and lectures at the Zen Center and other Bay Area Dharma communities. She has recently completed 5 years as Head of Practice at Green Gulch and will be working with the Outreach and Development offices of the Zen Center. Her focus will be on developing children's educational programs at Green Gulch, as well as a variety of diversity issues, including board membership on the Marin Interfaith Council. This summer Green Gulch students have encouraged Fu to provide leadership in studying racism and white privilege in hopes of understanding the lack persistent lack of racial diversity in our Buddhist Sangha. Fu will be bringing some of the results of this conversation to our discussion.

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