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Ayya Santacittā has practiced meditation since 1988. Her first teacher was Ajahn Buddhadasa, who sparked her interest in Buddhist monastic life. She has trained as a nun in both the East and West since 1993, primarily in the lineage of Ajahn Chah. Since 2002, she also integrates Dzogchen teachings into her practice. Ayya Santacitta is co-founder of Aloka Vihara, a training monastery for women near Placerville, CA, and received bhikkhuni ordination in 2011.

Practice and Skillful Management of Information Overload 2012-08-1946:15
Regaining Balance 2012-03-1637:19
Renunciation and Desire 2011-08-1927:22
Befriending Uncertainty 2011-06-1752:33
Wake Up Calls 2011-03-1829:57


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