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Chaplaincy Speaker Series: “Listening to Nuance in Bereavement: Loss, Emotion, and Awareness”

Tom Harshman
By: Tom Harshman

While accompanying others, chaplains encounter loss in its many forms. Emotions arise and abate as healing unfolds. Moment by moment, we meet ourselves anew and over time begin to recognize ourselves. Together we will explore a chaplain’s professional exercise: to develop skills for listening and responding, while deepening our own self-awareness and integrity. We will use our human experience of loss as a gateway into that rich work.

Recorded: Saturday, January 27, 2024 at Sati Center
Duration: 59:25

Appears in Series:

Title Speaker Date Length Length/
Sati Center <multiple> 2004.04.24 452:20:23 452:20:23
Buddhist Chaplaincy Speaker Series <multiple> 2023.11.01 8:40:41 8:40:41

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