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Aging and Awakening - Introduction & Experiential Exercises

David Chernikoff
By: David Chernikoff

We are living in a time when wise elders are of critical importance. While the aging process involves losses and challenges, these can become a pathway to profound spiritual realization. Buddhist teachings offer us practical and liberating guidance that enables us to free ourselves from the ageist attitudes of modern western society and to reframe the changes inherent in growing older as a curriculum leading to true spiritual maturity.

Recorded: Saturday, January 20, 2024 at Sati Center
Duration: 30:41

Appears in Series:

Title Speaker Date Length Length/
Sati Center <multiple> 2004.04.24 452:20:23 452:20:23
Aging and Awakening David Chernikoff 2024.01.20 1:33:17 1:33:17

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