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Sukha as the Way to the End of Dukkha

Bhikkhu Sanathavihari
By: Bhikkhu Sanathavihari

We will focus on claiming body, speech, and mind by developing the mental factors of lucid awareness (sati), discernment of mental qualities (dhamma-vicaya), vigor (vīriya), joy (pīti), tranquility (passaddhi) which will bring us to the stilling/unification of mind (samādhi). We will do this by first focusing on claiming our thoughts (vitakkasaṇṭhāna), that is cultivating the three wholesome thoughts (samma sankappa). Then, we will focus on the claiming of the body (passambhayaṁ kāyasaṅkhāraṁ) via the practice of observation of the body (kāyānupassanā). And with the arising of bodily tranquility (passaddhi) and mental joy (piti), there is the arising of Sukha, which brings mental calmness (Samādhi).

Recorded: Saturday, November 11, 2023 at Sati Center
Duration: 1:29:43

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Sati Center <multiple> 2004.04.24 452:20:23 452:20:23

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