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Exploring Samādhi and Jhāna in Buddhist Meditation (2 of 2)

Richard Shankman
By: Richard Shankman

There is a wide range of views among teachers about the place of samadhi (concentration) in insight meditation. Some stress the importance of concentration while others teach that insight arises through mindfulness alone and do not give concentration any particular emphasis.Unraveling the mix of ideas about what proper concentration is and its place in dharma practice can be difficult. Students may become confused about the degree or type of samadhi they should cultivate or how to incorporate it into their meditation practice.

Recorded: Saturday, September 30, 2023 at Sati Center
Duration: 2:49:31

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Title Speaker Date Length Length/
Exploring Samādhi and Jhāna in Buddhist Meditation Richard Shankman 2023.09.23 5:26:21 5:26:21

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