The Safety of the Island: Exploring the Nature of Nibanna RSS

Beginning with an overview of the teachings on nibbana, Ajahn Amaro elaborated on definitions the teachings of 'non-self'. The afternoon addressed the essential themes of attending to the deathless, unsupported consciousness and the unconditioned and non-locality. He then discussed applications of the teachings to the Gradual Path, stream entry and the blessings of nibbana, followed by discussion.

Nibanna Course Handouts: (PDF).

Nibanna - The Island (Part 1) Ajahn Amaro 2009-10-31 1:40:50
Nibanna - The Island (Part 2) Ajahn Amaro 2009-10-31 1:40:52
Nibanna - The Island (Part 3) Ajahn Amaro 2009-10-31 52:30


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