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Training ourselves to speak in a wise and non-harmful way is one of the factors of the Noble Eightfold Path. In this workshop, we explored how to bring more mindfulness and care to our communication: our listening, our speaking, and even our thinking. The tools shared will be a combination of the core guidelines for Wise Speech offered by the Buddhist tradition, as well as the contemporary discipline of Nonviolent Communication. These practices form a powerful foundation for cultivating insight, awareness, self-understanding, and empathy. Through strengthening our capacity to stay present and to be more skillful in difficult situations, the pain and misunderstandings that come out of unwise and habitual speech can begin to ease.

Mindful Communication - Intro and Guided Meditation Oren Jay Sofer 2016-06-18 30:39
Mindful Communication - Part 1 Oren Jay Sofer 2016-06-18 45:02
Mindful Communication - Part 2 Oren Jay Sofer 2016-06-18 35:36
Mindful Communication - Part 3 Oren Jay Sofer 2016-06-18 14:01
Mindful Communication - Part 4 Oren Jay Sofer 2016-06-18 10:05
Mindful Communication - Part 5 Oren Jay Sofer 2016-06-18 48:58
Mindful Communication - Part 6 Oren Jay Sofer 2016-06-18 53:35


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