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Meditation is one of the key practices taught at IMC. As a type of “technology of transformation” meditation has been taught for millennia as a method for training and developing the mind for the highest spiritual aim of awakening. More recently, meditation has also been extracted from its Buddhist framework in order to harness its benefits for a wide range of applications including simply managing daily tasks and problems. In this daylong we explored the different types of meditation practices presented in the earliest Buddhist texts and how they may be relevant for our own lives. We practiced and discuss vipassana (insight), samatha (calming), metta (loving-kindness) and anussati (recollection) meditations.

Overview of Buddhist Meditation Pt1
Diana Clark 2015-08-01 1:34:31
Overview of Buddhist Meditation Pt2
Diana Clark 2015-08-01 1:12:20
Overview of Buddhist Meditation Pt3
Diana Clark 2015-08-01 1:10:41
Overview of Buddhist Meditation Pt4
Diana Clark 2015-08-01 24:36


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