IMC’s Yearend Letter from Gil

Practicing with Emotions with Diana Clark and Susy Keely RSS

Emotions Pt1 - Introduction Susy Keely 2020-08-08 41:11
Emotions Pt2 - Guided Meditation: Emotions in the Body Diana Clark 2020-08-08 24:21
Emotions Pt3 - Mental Elements of Emotions Diana Clark 2020-08-08 15:25
Emotions Pt4 - Guided Meditation and Discussion on Mind States and Emotions Susy Keely 2020-08-08 51:08
Emotions Pt5 - Skillful Ways of Working with Emotions Diana Clark 2020-08-08 14:34
Emotions Pt6 - Guided Meditation and Discussion on Different Approaches Susy Keely 2020-08-08 49:42
Emotions Pt7 - Guided Meditations and Discussions Diana Clark 2020-08-08 54:39


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