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The Buddha identifies four types of clinging as suffering, and three types of craving as the cause of suffering. But he also taught that, up to a point, clinging and craving play a role in developing the path to the end of suffering. In addition to exploring the role of clinging and craving in the first two noble truths, this daylong course focused on the strategic uses of clinging and craving in the fourth noble truth prior to their abandoning in the third.

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Clinging and Craving - Part 1 Ajaan Thanissaro 2018-09-22 1:20:04
Clinging and Craving - Part 2 Ajaan Thanissaro 2018-09-22 1:16:46
Clinging and Craving - Part 3 Ajaan Thanissaro 2018-09-22 1:35:27


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