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The Brahmaviharas—attitudes of unlimited good will, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity—are useful tools for counteracting unskillful mind states, such as ill will and resentment, and for developing all three parts of the path to the end of suffering: virtue, concentration, and discernment. This day-long course will use readings, talks, discussions, and periods of meditation to explore the uses and limitations of these attitudes in the context of the total path.

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The Brahmaviharas 1 Ajaan Thanissaro 2013-10-12 1:15:48
The Brahmaviharas 2 Ajaan Thanissaro 2013-10-12 1:32:44
The Brahmaviharas 3 Ajaan Thanissaro 2013-10-12 1:45:58


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