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The Three Refuges are the Buddha, The Dharma, and the Sangha. They represent the primary Buddhist values and supports for Buddhist practice. “Going for Refuge” is a way of acknowledging a person’s intention and dedication to the Buddhist practice of liberation. This series of talks is for those interested in learning more about the refuge and their own relationship to them, as well as those who would like to formally “go for refuge.”

Please note: We were unable to record Week 4 of the class. We have included Week 4 from the prior class in 2005 that covers much of the same material.

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  • Handout for Class 4: Being One's Own Refuge (PDF)

The Refuges - Week 1
  • Handout: Going for Refuge  (PDF)
Gil Fronsdal 2018-04-25 63:10
The Refuges - Week 2
  • Handout: The Dharma and the Path of Harmlessness  (PDF)
  • Handout: Refuge in the Dhamma  (PDF)
Gil Fronsdal 2018-05-02 1:16:27
The Refuges - Class 3
  • Handout: Practicing with the Five Precepts  (PDF)
  • Handout: Community As a Jewel  (PDF)
Gil Fronsdal 2018-05-09 1:17:06
Refuges - Week 4 (Part 1) Gil Fronsdal 2005-10-12 37:16
Refuges - Week 4 (Part 2) Gil Fronsdal 2005-10-12 34:34
The Refuges - Ceremony Gil Fronsdal 2018-05-23 65:19


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