The Twelve Steps to Freedom RSS

These talks are on the twelve conditions which lead to freedom or liberation. Each condition creates a foundation and support which then allows the succeeding conditions to arise and develop. The talks were given by Gil Fronsdal at the Sunday morning sittings in Portola Valley.

Acknowledging Suffering Gil Fronsdal 2000-01-09 46:39
Faith Gil Fronsdal 2000-01-16 54:57
Delight/Joy Gil Fronsdal 2000-01-30 52:37
Tranquility Gil Fronsdal 2000-02-06 54:10
Happiness Gil Fronsdal 2000-02-27 59:18
Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2000-03-20 56:51
Insight Gil Fronsdal 2000-04-09 54:58
Disenchantment/Fading Away/Release Gil Fronsdal 2000-04-23 52:34
Reflection on What Has Been Eliminated Gil Fronsdal 2000-05-07 58:24


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