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This is a series of talks by Gil Fronsdal on the Five Spiritual Faculties (Indriya). The Buddha was very pragmatic. He didn't philosophize about "the nature of reality"; he gave us simple, basic guidelines about how we can manage the challenges and difficulties of life. The Buddha started with the basic human condition: we often suffer. Suffering can take many forms: anxiety, tension, stress, grief, fear, or dissatisfaction, to name a few. He emphasized that suffering is workable, that we can engage with our suffering in such a way as to be freed from it. He described five faculties that we need to develop to do so: confidence (faith), effort, mindfulness, concentration, and discernment (wisdom). These five qualities are present in varying degrees in almost every activity. They are useful in developing any skill, be it playing a musical instrument, training in a sport, or cultivating a meditative mind. The Buddha recognized these universal human capacities and taught us how to use them to develop the craft of meditation.

Faith / Confidence Gil Fronsdal 2004-05-10 43:13
Effort Gil Fronsdal 2004-05-17 38:07
Mindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2004-05-24 41:07
Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2004-06-14 45:31
Wisdom / Discernment Gil Fronsdal 2004-06-21 42:56


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