Retreat Talks

Cloud Mountain Online Retreat: April 3-10 with Carol Wilson and Andrea Fella  
External - Non IMC Event
April 3, 2021 to April 10, 2021

Saturday Afternoon - Trust in Awareness Carol Wilson 2021-04-03 41:12
Sunday Afternoon Reflection: Agendas in Meditation Andrea Fella 2021-04-04 36:47
Monday Afternoon Reflection: Steady Awareness Supports Wisdom Carol Wilson 2021-04-05 49:26
Tuesday Afternoon Dharma Talk - Getting To Know the Job Description of Mind States Andrea Fella 2021-04-06 45:30
Wednesday Afternoon Dharma Talk -- Receptive Awareness Reveals Anatta Carol Wilson 2021-04-07 49:30
Thursday Afternoon Dharma Talk -- Simple Practice; Simple Awareness Andrea Fella 2021-04-08 43:31
Friday Afternoon Dharma Talk -- Five Strengths to Support Practice Becoming a Way of Life Carol Wilson 2021-04-09 48:08

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