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Anushka Fernandopulle teaches Vipassana meditation in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the US. Anushka has trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition for over 20 years in monasteries in Sri Lanka & India as well as urban US settings, and is a member of the Spirit Rock Teacher's Council. Anushka has an MBA from Yale School of Management and works with organizations as a consultant and with individuals as an executive/leadership coach. More about her dharma teaching and work can be found at

Humility and Delusion
Dharma and the Magic Internet 2011-10-1351:29
The Dharma of Time Travel 2011-10-0651:12
Dharma of Resurrection 2011-09-2949:58
The Dharma of Harry Potter 2011-09-2251:54
Navigating Your Life 2011-08-0740:19
Dhamma Of Sports 2011-04-1145:12
Brahma-Vihara Series: Upekkha 2010-01-2852:56
Brahma-Vihara Series: Mudita 2010-01-2155:33
Brahma-Vihara Series: Karuna 2010-01-1452:41
Brahma-Vihara Series: Karuna - Guided Meditation 2010-01-1426:30
Brahma-Vihara Series: Metta 2010-01-0760:41
Brahma-Vihara Series: Metta - Guided Meditation 2010-01-0727:06
Four Elements 2009-05-0756:53
Perception of Change 2007-03-0857:55


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