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This site is an archive of Dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. Each talk illuminates aspects of the Buddha's teachings. The purpose is the same that the Buddha had for his teachings, to guide us toward the end of suffering and the attainment of freedom.

These talks are freely available to download or listen to. Please help support this service with a tax-deductible donation.

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Stepping Over the Rabbit Hole Robert Cusick 2014-09-1656:03
Our Compassionate Nature Jennifer Block 2014-09-1539:07
The Brahmaviharas: Introduction Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-1441:25
Different Kinds of Happiness Andrea Fella 2014-09-1153:03
Dharmette Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-1016:33
PracticeNotes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:25
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:25
Los Límites Personales: ¿En Conflicto con el Dharma? Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-09-0943:48
Friendship Andrea Fella 2014-09-0957:16
Mindfulness of Mind States
Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-0838:01
Dharma Mentoring Program - Sept. 8, 2014, Part 4 Andrea Fella 2014-09-0814:17
Jhanic Factors: Factors of Absorption Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-0740:58
Non-hatred and the Empathetic Heart Maria Straatmann 2014-09-0458:00
Relaxed Concentraion Nikki Mirghafori 2014-09-0312:58
Relaxed Concentration Nikki Mirghafori 2014-09-033:12
Los Límites Personales: ¿En Conflicto con el Dharma? Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-09-0257:08
Opening to Unrelibility Andrea Fella 2014-09-0250:47
Ways of Knowing Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-0140:35
Samadhi - Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-3139:36
Love is Our Practice Robert Cusick 2014-08-2851:09
Anticipation Ines Freedman 2014-08-2711:50
Los Diez Paramis: Ecuanimidad, Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-08-2654:30
Spiritual Warrior Berget Jelane 2014-08-2659:08
Living A Life of Refuge Meg Gawler 2014-08-2541:08
How Do I Practice With This Maria Straatmann 2014-08-2445:09
Love On The Path Andrea Fella 2014-08-2151:33
Recognize, Feel, Relax Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-2010:18
Thinking vs What is Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-205:44
Los Diez Paramis: Ecuanimidad, Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-08-1941:01
Three Types of Dukkha Andrea Fella 2014-08-1952:51
Mindfulness of Body Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1841:54
Contentment Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1742:09
Eightfold Path
Aug 13-17, 2014 : Andrea Fella/ Annie Nugent
Annie Nugent 2014-08-1662:25
Aug 13-17, 2014 : Andrea Fella/ Annie Nugent
Andrea Fella 2014-08-1562:50
Four Noble Truths
Aug 13-17, 2014 : Andrea Fella/ Annie Nugent
Annie Nugent 2014-08-1457:00
Gratitude Diana Clark 2014-08-1441:09
The Practice Coming Through us Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1313:44
Questions and Comments About Identity Andrea Fella 2014-08-1254:07
Subjective Experience of Desire
Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1150:09
Generosity Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1040:40
Mindfulness of Mind Daylong: August 2014 (Series) Andrea Fella 2014-08-093:54:12
Reflective practices for Daily Life Andrea Fella 2014-08-0753:52
Frames of Reference Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-0614:05
Perception in The Body Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-064:08
A Magic Show
Andrea Fella 2014-08-0555:35
Working With Thoughts in Daily Life Andrea Fella 2014-08-0442:06
Daily Life Practice Retreat: August 2014 (Series) Andrea Fella 2014-08-037:51:53
Insight Out with Richard Poma and Robert Fry
Jacques Verduin 2014-08-0359:32
Opening to Difficulty Andrea Fella 2014-07-3146:08
Mindfulness of the Body Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-3013:21
Embodied Mind Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-302:46
Aplicando el Dharma a las Pérdidas Amorosas, Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-07-2962:57
Heaps of Stuff
Andrea Fella 2014-07-2950:45
Three Kinds of Equanimity Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2843:30
Mindfulness - Part 2
Jul 28, 2014 Discussion with Joseph Goldstein
Joseph Goldstein 2014-07-2861:42
Mindfulness - Part 1
Jul 28, 2014 Discussion with Joseph Goldstein
Joseph Goldstein 2014-07-281:20:49
Intention Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2734:17
Guided Reflections: Highest Intentions Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-2438:18
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-235:16
Sustained Attention Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2310:38
Aplicando el Dharma a las Pérdidas Amorosas Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-07-2260:03
The Gift of Effort Maria Straatmann 2014-07-2256:46
QA Enlightenment, Spiritual Time, Pity, Intention, Forgiveness Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2141:13
Afternoon Reflections: Delusion
Mindfulness of Mind
Andrea Fella 2014-07-2065:28
The Taste of the Dharma Oren J. Sofer 2014-07-2041:12
The Acrobat Simile: Guided Reflection Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-1725:09
Afternoon Reflection: The Comings and Goings of MIndfulness
Mindfulness of Mind
Andrea Fella 2014-07-1757:37
Working With Perception Rebecca Dixon 2014-07-1611:19
Perception Rebecca Dixon 2014-07-161:20
Intention as Motivation Maria Straatmann 2014-07-1550:25
The Acrobat Simile (Protecting Oneself & Others) Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-1442:16
Application Of The Four Noble Truths Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-1344:10
Mindfulness of Mind: All Public Retreat Talks (Series) Andrea Fella 2014-07-1220:54:07
Mindfulness and Concentration Andrea Fella 2014-07-1054:44
It is Not About Me Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-0915:49
Seeing Experience In a New Way Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-094:32
Studying the Self Andrea Fella 2014-07-0852:28
Holding the Dhamma Dhammaruwan 2014-07-0759:41
Guided Meditation Dhammaruwan 2014-07-0716:18
Acceptance, Allowing and Action Andrea Fella 2014-07-0643:10
Embodied Awareness Andrea Fella 2014-07-0353:58
Freedom With In Berget Jelane 2014-07-0220:31
Fredom Berget Jelane 2014-07-020:32
Exploring the Delusion of Self Andrea Fella 2014-07-0154:50
Five Faculties
Max Erdstein 2014-06-3044:48
Enjoying Your Thoughts Bhante Buddharakkhita 2014-06-2939:27
Probando, Internalizando, y Viviendo el Dharma
Jun 26-29, 2014 Retreat: Rebecca Bradshaw/ Andrea Castillo
Andrea Castillo 2014-06-2858:45
La Atención Plena y el Amor Bondadoso
Jun 26-29, 2014 Retreat: Rebecca Bradshaw/ Andrea Castillo
Rebecca Bradshaw 2014-06-2758:08
Some Fruits of Practice Matthew Brensilver 2014-06-2632:25
Practice Questions Matthew Brensilver 2014-06-2619:23
The Medicine That Cures David Cohn 2014-06-2519:43
Softening Right Effort David Cohn 2014-06-253:41
Las Diez Perfecciones: La Resolución, Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-06-2424:40
The Defilements Robert Cusick 2014-06-2345:51
Practice With Possibility Robert Thomas 2014-06-2245:19
Wisdom Compassion Daylong Robert Cusick 2014-06-212:31:43
The Way Out of Conflict Daniel Bowling 2014-06-1959:39
Embracing Nikki Mirghafori 2014-06-1811:11
Embracing The Present Moment Nikki Mirghafori 2014-06-181:25
Las Diez Perfecciones: Resolución, Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-06-1742:35


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