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This site is an archive of Dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. Each talk illuminates aspects of the Buddha's teachings. The purpose is the same that the Buddha had for his teachings, to guide us toward the end of suffering and the attainment of freedom.

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Being Aware of Thoughts Andrea Fella 2015-09-0353:43
Dharmette: Papanca: proliferation of Abstract thoughts Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-0212:22
Practice Notes:The Trunk of the Tree Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-025:09
Los Siete Factores de la Iluminación: La Atención Plena I Andrea Castillo 2015-09-0144:08
Mindfulness Andrea Fella 2015-09-0151:30
The Role of Knowledge and Vision Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-3136:43
Identity Wes Nisker 2015-08-3048:54
Interview Celebrating 25 Years of Dharma Teaching
Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-2943:27
Right Speech Jim Podolske 2015-08-2753:31
Refuge in the Way Things Are Robert Cusick 2015-08-2615:15
Mindfulness, suffering and postitive practice David Cohn 2015-08-2560:45
Exploring Identity through the Eightfold Path Bruni Davila 2015-08-2440:25
Impermanence and Embracing the Moment Maria Straatmann 2015-08-2334:30
Comfortable Breath, Comfortable Mind Andrea Fella 2015-08-2051:59
Guided Meditation on the Breath Andrea Fella 2015-08-2029:58
Dharmette:Help Your Emotions feel safe Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-1914:57
Be Amazed. Wow! Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-195:42
Impermanence III - Noticing Change Maria Straatmann 2015-08-1849:29
Overview of the Meditation Practice Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-1743:31
Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-1641:06
Refuge: In Our Own Awareness
Berget Jelane 2015-08-1349:48
Impermanence II - Unpredictability Maria Straatmann 2015-08-1157:42
Relaxation Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-1029:43
Importance of Relaxation Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-0920:12
Dharma And The Single Life Berget Jelane 2015-08-0753:13
Refuge: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha
Berget Jelane 2015-08-0656:07
Dharmette: Mudita Andrea Castillo 2015-08-0516:22
Dharmette:Spaciousness and generosity Andrea Castillo 2015-08-050:55
La Compasión Ginger Clarkson 2015-08-0451:13
Impermanence: Loss Maria Straatmann 2015-08-0452:22
Yes to What Is Gil Fronsdal 2015-08-0343:15
Dharma Orienteering Kim Allen 2015-08-0242:01
Overview of Buddhist Meditation (Series) Diana Clark 2015-08-014:20:52
Refuge-The Meaning
Berget Jelane 2015-07-3047:28
Exploring the Meaning of Refuge (Series) Berget Jelane 2015-07-302:33:09
Little Things Berget Jelane 2015-07-2913:45
El Cuerpo y los Cuatro Elementos Andrea Castillo 2015-07-2850:46
What is for Our Welfare?
Andrea Fella 2015-07-2855:14
Doing One Thing at a Time Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-2744:28
Receptive Awareness Andrea Fella 2015-07-2636:59
Mindfulness and Wisdom Weekend Retreat (Series) Andrea Fella 2015-07-256:30:39
Calming the Mind Andrea Fella 2015-07-2354:13
Dharmette:One thing at a time Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-2218:04
Practice Notes: How and What Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-226:06
Getting to know Doubt
Andrea Fella 2015-07-2153:42
Stop, Recognize, Feel, Relax Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-2038:19
Wise Effort & Complacency Ines Freedman 2015-07-1941:53
Working With Lojong Cards - Part 2 Nikki Mirghafori 2015-07-1633:51
Results of The Practice Susan Ezequelle 2015-07-158:39
Reflecting on The Practice Susan Ezequelle 2015-07-150:45
More Soft Mind and Receptivity
Susan Ezequelle 2015-07-1449:40
Right View Diana Clark 2015-07-1339:08
How To Use Our Practice Robert Cusick 2015-07-1244:07
Working with Lojong Cards - Part 1 Nikki Mirghafori 2015-07-0929:04
Working With Lojong Cards (Series) Nikki Mirghafori 2015-07-0962:45
Dharmette - Conflict, No Conflict Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-0812:32
Practice Notes - Right Next to Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-086:14
"Soft" Mind and Receptivity
Susan Ezequelle 2015-07-0747:41
Mindfulness of the Body Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-0642:42
Mindfulness of Mind Retreat (Series) Andrea Fella 2015-07-0523:01:41
Not Self (Anatta) Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-0536:23
Getting Familiar with Feeling Tone Andrea Fella 2015-07-0253:38
Questions? Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-0116:16
Practice Notes: Is this for me to Pick up? Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-013:18
Meeting Restlessness
Andrea Fella 2015-06-3054:58
Questions and Answers
Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-2943:21
Responding to the World with Love Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-2830:05
Los cinco obstaculos
Jun 23-28 2015: Rebecca Bradshaw, Andrea Castillo
Andrea Castillo 2015-06-2760:01
Mindfulness, Improv, and Liberation
Nikki Mirghafori 2015-06-2749:42
Protecciones sanas para el corazon: el amor bondadoso y la ecuanimidad
Jun 23-28 2015: Rebecca Bradshaw, Andrea Castillo
Rebecca Bradshaw 2015-06-2662:35
Way Seeking Talk Tanya Wiser 2015-06-2549:57
Meditacion Metta
Jun 23-28 2015: Rebecca Bradshaw, Andrea Castillo
Rebecca Bradshaw 2015-06-2537:11
El silencio que nos lleva al amor bondadoso y la compasion
Jun 23-28 2015: Rebecca Bradshaw, Andrea Castillo
Andrea Castillo 2015-06-2537:41
Lovingkindness for all (week 4)
  • Handout: Unspecific Metta  (PDF)
Dawn Neal 2015-06-241:25:16
El mundo de los pensamientos y de los sentido
Jun 23-28 2015: Rebecca Bradshaw, Andrea Castillo
Rebecca Bradshaw 2015-06-2456:46
Limits of Technique Matthew Brensilver 2015-06-2413:24
Sincerity Matthew Brensilver 2015-06-242:44
Being Tameable Diana Clark 2015-06-2353:17
Being a witness: Charleston, South Carolina
Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-2241:02
Father's Day and Gratitude Nikki Mirghafori 2015-06-2140:13
Knowing the World Andrea Fella 2015-06-1852:34
Lovingkindness Week 3
  • Handout: Metta for Neutral and Difficult people (class 3)  (PDF)
Dawn Neal 2015-06-171:22:44
Dharmette- Allow the Beautiful Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-1713:12
Practice notes: Patience Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-172:59
Awareness of Sloth and Torpor
Andrea Fella 2015-06-1651:44
Simile of Mara Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-1541:24
Suffering (Dukkha)
Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-1439:07
Dharmette - Tigers, rocks, and cliffs on the journey
Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-139:36
Shedding the shell of views about the self
Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-1334:18
Refuge Kim Allen 2015-06-1143:58
Intro to Lovingkindness Week 2
  • Handout: Metta for oneself and a dear person (class 2)  (PDF)
Dawn Neal 2015-06-101:24:48
Roots and Latent Tendencies Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-1011:06
Being Rooted in Breath Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-106:25
Trascendiendo la Injusticia Andrea Castillo 2015-06-0943:04
8 Worldly Winds - 4 Noble Truths Richard Sievers 2015-06-0946:20
Stages of Practice Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-0841:30
Impermanence (Anicca)
Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-0741:26
Three Characteristics (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-071:56:57
Andrea Fella 2015-06-0451:17
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2015-06-0434:35


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