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This site is an archive of Dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. Each talk illuminates aspects of the Buddha's teachings. The purpose is the same that the Buddha had for his teachings, to guide us toward the end of suffering and the attainment of freedom.

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Renunciation Andrea Fella 2014-11-2055:30
Practice with Kindness Rebecca Dixon 2014-11-191:14
Practicing with Kindness Rebecca Dixon 2014-11-1912:54
The Five Hindrances: Accumulating and Letting Go of Possessions Andrea Castillo 2014-11-1846:50
Mindful Listening Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-1644:07
Conditioned and Unconditioned Mind Carla Brennan 2014-11-1356:29
Ideals in Buddhism Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-1214:40
Gratitude Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-123:54
En Búsqueda de una Realidad Interna: Diálogo con José Luis Reissig José Luis Reissig 2014-11-1163:39
Exploring Beautiful Qualities Andrea Fella 2014-11-1154:16
Guided Meditation: Relaxed Awareness Andrea Fella 2014-11-1135:20
Not-Self Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-1040:15
Meditation Off The Cushion Into Daily Life Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-0939:13
Generosity and Ethics
Andrea Fella 2014-11-0652:42
Noticing and Changing the Thinking Mind Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-0516:42
Noticing Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-053:26
Dejar Ir Andrea Castillo 2014-11-0448:14
Mindfulness and Investigation Andrea Fella 2014-11-0455:25
Guided Body Scan Meditation Andrea Fella 2014-11-0434:48
The man on the bridge
Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-0337:42
Where Do We Find Happiness? Gil Fronsdal 2014-11-0242:29
Dharma Practice Day-Brahma Vihara-Metta Session Four: Metta for Difficult Person Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-3131:29
Dharma Practice Day-Brahma Vihara-Metta Session Three: Metta for friend and Benefactor Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-3155:46
Dharma Practice Day-Brahma Vihara-Metta Session Two: Exploring Metta Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-3158:31
Dharma Practice Day-Brahma Vihara-Metta Session One Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-3150:45
Introduction to the Paramis Andrea Fella 2014-10-3032:05
Practice Questions Andrea Fella 2014-10-3022:08
Introduction to mindfulness meditation Class 5_Developing in Daily Life Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-291:28:02
Responsibility, No Responsability Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-2914:21
Craving, Not Craving Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-291:51
Core Wishes and Core Truths Andrea Fella 2014-10-2851:23
Guided Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-2740:30
Right Speech: Complaining Ines Freedman 2014-10-2639:22
Transition to Daily Life
Oct 19-26: Gil Fronsdal / Ruth King
Ruth King 2014-10-2552:38
Hindrances: Doubt
Oct 19-26: Gil Fronsdal / Ruth King
Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-2458:45
Metta: Cultivation, Concentration and Purification Matthew Brensilver 2014-10-2331:07
Practice Questions Matthew Brensilver 2014-10-2322:30
Hindrances: Restlessness and Worry
Oct 19-26: Gil Fronsdal / Ruth King
Ruth King 2014-10-2355:42
Introduction to Mindfulness Class4: Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-221:31:22
Hindrances: Sloth and Torpor
Oct 19-26: Gil Fronsdal / Ruth King
Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-2257:42
Touching The Moment Maria Straatmann 2014-10-2215:28
This Moment Maria Straatmann 2014-10-221:17
Hindrances: Aversion
Oct 19-26: Gil Fronsdal / Ruth King
Ruth King 2014-10-2159:01
The Paramitas: Part 3
Berget Jelane 2014-10-2154:42
Boundaries Andrea Castillo 2014-10-2042:02
Hindrances: Desire
Oct 19-26: Gil Fronsdal / Ruth King
Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-2053:41
5 Factors of Striving that Support the Practice Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-1941:56
Closing talk: We leave, but the practice remains
Oct 15-17: Ajahn Amaro
Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-1744:25
Q and A: Is there a soul? Who is the knower? Can I open my eyes? Do I have to focus on the breath?
Oct 15-17: Ajahn Amaro
Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-1629:16
Morning Guided Meditation: Aware of Body and Breath
Oct 15-17: Ajahn Amaro
Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-1664:21
How Samadhi Practice Relates to Insight Practice
Max Erdstein 2014-10-1668:59
Afternoon talk: The Second Arrow
Oct 15-17: Ajahn Amaro
Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-1653:18
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Class 3: Emotions Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-151:29:51
Collaborating with the Mind
Oct 15-17: Ajahn Amaro
Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-151:37:52
Being with the Unknown Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-1511:55
Dark, Light Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-155:20
The Paramitas Part 2
Berget Jelane 2014-10-1453:19
Castes and Judgement
Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-1335:54
Generosity Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-1239:17
Levels of Samadhi
Max Erdstein 2014-10-0968:59
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, Class 2, The Body Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-081:27:36
Questions Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0817:35
Really Be Here Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-083:05
Los Límites Personales: ¿En Conflicto con el Dharma? Parte III Andrea Castillo 2014-10-0769:08
The Paramitas Part 1
Berget Jelane 2014-10-0750:56
Earth Care Week and Buddhism Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0639:40
Buddhism And The Environment - Earth Care Week
Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0538:41
Gratification(Advantages), Danger(Disadvantages), Escape(Freedom) Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0422:46
Dharma Practice Day Metta Part One, talk three Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0340:13
Dharma Practice Day Metta Part One, talk two Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0345:28
Dharma Practice Day Brahma Virhara Metta Part One, Talk One Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0350:52
Dharma Practice Day, Brahma Viharas, Metta Part One Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0346:10
Obstacles to Concentration
Max Erdstein 2014-10-0269:43
Introduction to mindfulness meditation Class 1, Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-011:23:23
Everything You Do Is Important Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-0112:16
You Are Important Gil Fronsdal 2014-10-013:28
Just Start and Continue Robert Cusick 2014-09-3053:35
Not Getting Caught Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-2938:46
Balance on the Path: Awakening and Cultivation Matthew Brensilver 2014-09-2843:49
Connecting and Sustaining
Max Erdstein 2014-09-251:12:16
Dharmette Matthew Brensilver 2014-09-2416:06
Practice Notes Matthew Brensilver 2014-09-245:23
Cristianismo y Budismo Sin Conflicto Andrew Wallace 2014-09-231:11:48
Confronting the Bogeyman in the Closet Robert Cusick 2014-09-2356:37
John Martin 2014-09-2238:33
Mudita Matthew Brensilver 2014-09-2140:23
Introduction to Samadhi
Max Erdstein 2014-09-1867:00
Gathering the Mind (Series) Max Erdstein 2014-09-185:46:59
Dharmette Berget Jelane 2014-09-1715:20
Alentando a Practicar Konin Cardenas 2014-09-1651:13
Stepping Over the Rabbit Hole Robert Cusick 2014-09-1656:19
Our Compassionate Nature Jennifer Block 2014-09-1539:19
Eightfold Path Program 2014-15 (Series) Chris Clifford 2014-09-141:18:47
The Brahmaviharas: Introduction Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-1441:25
Different Kinds of Happiness Andrea Fella 2014-09-1153:03
Dharmette Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-1016:33
PracticeNotes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:24
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:24
Los Límites Personales: ¿En Conflicto con el Dharma? Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-09-0943:48
Friendship Andrea Fella 2014-09-0957:16


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