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David Cohn began practice at Zen Center in 1969 with Suzuki Roshi, later becoming a disciple of Baker Roshi. A residential student at Tassajara, Green Gulch Farm, and City Center until 1984, he was ordained as a priest in 1977. David worked for Stewart Brand at Whole Earth for a year, before opening his first restaurant in 1985, another in 1988 and retiring in January 2009. David has been a Zen Hospice Project volunteer since 1998 and Board Member. He maintains connections with Zen Center as a Board member for Everyday Zen and management consultant for Greens Restaurant as well as exploring practice opportunities at IMC.

The Medicine That Cures 2014-06-2519:43
Softening Right Effort 2014-06-253:41
Mindfulness, Mutuality, and Patience 2013-05-0817:15
Incline Toward Peace 2012-11-1415:25
Dharmette: Lost in Our Stories 2012-05-0914:08
The Four Noble Truths 2012-02-0945:11
Dharmette: Appreciation 2011-07-1315:07
Contemplation of Death 2011-04-0746:01
The Three Foundations of Practice 2010-09-2913:42
Awareness 2010-01-2710:51


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