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Diana teaches graduate-level courses on Theravada Buddhism at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley and Introduction to Meditation at IMC. She has cumulatively spent more than a year in silent meditation retreats, has a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies and is a graduate of the Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy program. She is also trained as a scientist and serves the dharma community by being the former treasurer of IMC, the current treasurer of IRC and on the board of the Buddhist Insight Network.

Questioning as Practice - Part 3 2017-01-1748:27
Questioning as Practice - Part 2 2017-01-1048:21
Questioning as Practice - Part 1 2017-01-0347:37
Joy With the World 2016-12-2546:37
Equanimity 2016-12-1243:01
JOY! 2016-07-0443:02
The Five Hindrances (Daylong with Andrea Castillo and Diana Clark) (Series) 2016-04-164:00:43
Working With Emotions 2016-03-0915:56
Noticing 2016-03-092:18
Working with Ill Will 2015-12-1338:34
Women in Buddhism Symposium: Laywomen in Pali Literature 2015-11-1436:59
Minimizing Fear 2015-09-1737:27
Dharmette:Field of Generosity 2015-09-1614:31
Practice Notes: Noticing 2015-09-162:11
Overview of Buddhist Meditation (Series) 2015-08-014:20:52
Right View 2015-07-1339:08
Being Tameable 2015-06-2353:17
How to Support Our Practice. 2015-05-2539:47
Sincerity of Practice: Integrity, Wholeheartedness, Sincerity 2015-05-2013:45
Practice Notes: Reflecting on What Inspires Your Practice 2015-05-202:22
Poetry and Breaking Free 2015-03-2942:16
Life of the Buddha (Series) 2015-03-144:00:46
Gratitude 2014-08-1441:09
Paths of Practice (Series) 2014-03-223:01:56
Introduction to Mindfulness - Thinking - week4 2014-01-291:32:56
Right Livelihood - Part 1
Beginners Practice Group Wk 4 Pt 1 2013-12-0443:42
Beginners Practice Group Wk 2 Pt 2 2013-11-2035:16
Beginners Practice Group Wk1 Pt1 2013-11-1346:03


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