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Angie Boissevain studied with Zen master Kobun Chino Otokawa Roshi from the late '70s until his passing in july, 2002. She is a founder of Jikoji retreat center, and was director for its first 12 years. Floating Zendo sitting group is home base for her now, meeting in the San Jose Quaker meeting house on Tuesday evenings. She also is visiting teacher for Hokoji retreat center in Taos, NM, Rin Shin Ji center in Arcata, CA, and several centers in N. Europe. Recently she was named a teacher for SPOT, the local priest training program, replacing the late Darlene Cohen.

Facing Adversity with the Paramitas 2013-05-2644:10
Sitting 2012-12-0333:52
Reflections on Hope and Trust 2011-05-2942:59
Effort 2007-03-0140:42
Not One Not Two 2006-10-0530:51
Craving 2006-09-1033:50
Truth and Courage 2006-04-2739:06
Not Taking That Which Is Not Given 2005-07-3133:40
Relaxing in the Moment 2005-04-2141:43
Devotion and Service 2005-02-2048:26
How Is Our Practice 2005-01-2734:39
Fear 2004-09-1642:52
Attention 2004-06-1758:20
Nature of Practice 2004-06-0737:26
Q & A: Meditation & Buddha's Life 2004-02-1948:49
Knowledge 2003-04-2043:50
Generosity 2002-12-2935:03
Paramitas 2002-11-0744:08
Renewal 2002-03-2734:05
New Year - New Center 2001-12-3128:18
Attitude of Practice 2001-11-2534:03
Practice 2001-07-2641:01


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