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Practice notes: lemonade/lemons David Cohn 2017-12-137:43
Practice Notes: Practicing With Gladness Meg Gawler 2017-11-293:07
Practice Notes: Stillpoint Gil Fronsdal 2017-11-223:30
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-11-014:16
Practice Notes Berget Jelane 2017-10-251:09
Practice Notes Diana Clark 2017-09-273:03
Practice Notes Matthew Brensilver 2017-09-203:18
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-09-135:38
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-09-066:19
Practice Notes: Settling Gil Fronsdal 2017-08-302:54
Practice Notes: Kindness Nikki Mirghafori 2017-08-234:34
Practice Notes Diana Clark 2017-07-264:26
Practice Notes: Emotions Berget Jelane 2017-07-191:55
Practice Notes: Responsibility to Stay Aware
Gil Fronsdal 2017-07-125:32
Practice Notes Rebecca Dixon 2017-07-051:27
Practice Notes: Feeling Rather Than Thinking
Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-285:34
Practice Notes: A Timeless Present Moment
Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-214:59
Practice Notes: Stability
Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-146:42
Practice Notes: Helpful states Liz Powell 2017-06-074:29
Practice Notes: A Reference Point of Stillness
Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-317:38
Practice Notes: When You Stop Spinning Your Marbles
Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-246:50
Practice Notes: Pristine Simplicity of Each Moment
Gil Fronsdal 2017-05-176:20
Practice notes: stillness and vibrancy Kim Allen 2017-05-101:27
Practice Notes Berget Jelane 2017-05-032:33
Practice Notes: Habits Robert Cusick 2017-04-260:57
Practice Notes: Simplicity Gil Fronsdal 2017-04-193:55
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-04-124:27
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-04-055:56
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-03-294:31
Practice notes: suffering David Cohn 2017-03-084:53
Practice Notes Robert Cusick 2017-03-010:35
Practice Notes:Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-224:58
Practice Notes: Simplicity Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-085:12
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-017:22
Practice Notes: Relinquishment Andrea Castillo 2017-01-252:29
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-185:32
Practice notes: recognition Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-113:44
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-045:24
Practice Notes: Noticing Berget Jelane 2016-12-282:24
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-217:56
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-075:31
Practice Notes: Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-302:04
Practice Notes Robert Cusick 2016-11-230:55
Practice notes Maria Straatmann 2016-11-163:46
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-094:48
Practice notes: Simple image Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-024:05
Practice Notes Susan Ezequelle 2016-10-261:23
Practice Notes David Cohn 2016-10-193:11
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-127:01
Practice Notes:Preoccupation Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-056:31
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-284:11
Practice notes Andrea Castillo 2016-09-211:49
Practice Notes Matthew Brensilver 2016-09-144:11
Practice notes: Let Go Into Something Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-073:44
Practice notes: Measuring Maria Straatmann 2016-08-312:42
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-243:57
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-243:55
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-173:47
Practice Notes: Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-103:53
Practice notes: Observe softness Susan Ezequelle 2016-08-030:56
Practice notes: Thinking as Scenery Gil Fronsdal 2016-07-204:28
Practice Notes: Imperfect Gil Fronsdal 2016-07-136:58
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-07-065:04
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-06-292:33
Practice Notes: Ease Gil Fronsdal 2016-06-225:34
Practice Notes: Notice the Obstacles David Cohn 2016-06-083:56
Practice Notes: In the moment Liz Powell 2016-05-252:52
Practice Notes: Waiting for Nothing Matthew Brensilver 2016-05-182:46
Practice Notes: Practicing with discomfort Gil Fronsdal 2016-05-115:38
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-05-042:32
Practice Notes: Love yourself David Cohn 2016-04-273:28
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-04-203:40
Practice Notes: Stay Kim Allen 2016-04-131:23
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-04-062:30
Practice Notes
Dharma and the Creative Process
Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-306:13
Practice Notes: Soft, receptive mind Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-163:45
Practice Notes: Free, independent of circumstances Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-023:46
Practice notes: What needs to be accepted? Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-170:30
Practice Notes: Noticing What is Relaxed in the Body Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-102:39
Practice Notes: Where does your thinking go? Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-032:27
Practice Notes: In the flow Gil Fronsdal 2016-01-204:51
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-01-130:01
Practice Notes: In the Moment Gil Fronsdal 2016-01-093:53
Practice Notes: Ease Gil Fronsdal 2016-01-063:56
Practice Notes: Thoughts, Equanimity and the Holidays Gil Fronsdal 2015-12-234:21
Practice Notes: Noticing What Works Gil Fronsdal 2015-12-163:16
Practice notes: Vision Matthew Brensilver 2015-12-093:42
Practice Notes: Gratitude for Everything Nikki Mirghafori 2015-11-254:01
Practice Notes: Shift subtle attitudes Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-285:57
Practice Notes: Notice Desire Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-143:40
Practice Notes: Relax the Eyes Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-303:03
Practice Notes: Intention Robert Cusick 2015-09-230:43
Practice Notes: Noticing Diana Clark 2015-09-162:11
Practice Notes:The Trunk of the Tree Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-025:09
Practice Notes: How and What Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-226:06
Practice Notes: Right Next to Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-086:14
Practice Notes: Is this for me to Pick up? Gil Fronsdal 2015-07-013:18
Practice notes: Patience Gil Fronsdal 2015-06-172:59
Practice Notes: Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2015-05-272:26
Practice Notes: Reflecting on What Inspires Your Practice Diana Clark 2015-05-202:22


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