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Four Foundations of Mindfulness  
Hidden Villa
October 14, 2012 to October 20, 2012
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Introduction to the Four Foundations of Mindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2012-10-1554:25
Mindfulness of the Body Heather Martin 2012-10-1659:53
Loving Kindness Heather Martin 2012-10-1620:40
Mindfulness of Feelings Gil Fronsdal 2012-10-1757:38
Loving Kindness Heather Martin 2012-10-1724:12
Mindfulness of Mind Heather Martin 2012-10-1847:44
Loving Kindness Heather Martin 2012-10-1824:31
Mindfulness of the Truth - Hindrances Gil Fronsdal 2012-10-1954:27
Compassion Heather Martin 2012-10-1932:21
Mindfulness of the Truth - Four Noble Truths Heather Martin 2012-10-2051:10

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