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The Energizing Factors of Awakening
IMC March 2011 Hidden Villa Retreat
Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-2356:46
Meeting Life Maria Straatmann 2011-03-2264:13
The Metta Chant: Call and Response
IMC March 2011 Hidden Villa Retreat
Andrea Fella 2011-03-227:37
Fear and Freedom Will Kabat-Zinn 2011-03-2140:36
Intro to Awakening
IMC March 2011 Hidden Villa Retreat
Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-2157:01
How We Come Together Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-2038:40
Dependent Origination with Q&A
Leigh Brasington 2011-03-1966:31
Day Long Exploration Of Dependent Origination (Series) Leigh Brasington 2011-03-195:04:31
Wake Up Calls Ayya Santacitta 2011-03-1829:57
Body and Mind: Intention, Views, and Consciousness
Andrea Fella 2011-03-1754:55
Dharmette- Finding Your Practice Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-1610:09
Reorienting Around Suffering Andrea Fella 2011-03-1553:39
Buddhist approach to facing challenges in life
Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-1434:49
Challenges in Life
Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-1343:10
Body and Mind: Perception
Andrea Fella 2011-03-1049:16
Guided Meditation: Perception Andrea Fella 2011-03-106:40
Changing Perspective Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-0913:55
Practice Notes: What We Pay Attention To Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-094:27
Self Negativity Andrea Fella 2011-03-0857:25
Mindfulness of the Body Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-0738:43
The Paramis: Truthfulness
Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-0634:19
Dharma Practice Series 2010 - 2011: The Paramis (Truthfulness) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-042:43:43
Body and Mind: Feeling Tone
Andrea Fella 2011-03-0353:04
Guided Meditation: Body and Emotions Andrea Fella 2011-03-038:28
Intention Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-0212:37
Practice Notes: Intention Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-022:28
Exploring the Judging Mind Andrea Fella 2011-03-0152:52
The Satipatthana Sutta Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-2846:57
Faith and Discernment Richard Shankman 2011-02-2738:58
Body and Mind: Emotions
Andrea Fella 2011-02-2456:24
The Buddha's Last Days Jim Bronson 2011-02-2316:01
The Five Faculties and Fear Andrea Fella 2011-02-2146:19
Buddhist Response to Violence Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-2045:33
Happiness No Matter What Ayya Santussika 2011-02-1840:49
Body and Mind: The Body
Andrea Fella 2011-02-1752:00
The Present Moment Andrea Fella 2011-02-1548:25
Speaking Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-1439:33
Paying Attention to the Breath Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-1346:52
Happiness Andrea Fella 2011-02-1052:57
Trunk and Branches of Practice Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-098:39
Transitions as a Field of Practice Andrea Fella 2011-02-0855:49
Listening Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-0740:31
The Paramis: Patience Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-0638:21
Dharma Practice Series 2010 - 2011: The Paramis (Patience) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-042:09:00
Practicing Sila: The Precepts, Karma, and Liberation (4 of 4) Tony Bernhard 2011-02-0355:28
Rhythm in Practice Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-0212:45
Practice Notes: Keep It Simple Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-023:52
Solitude Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-3140:37
Questions and Answers
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-3042:58
Practicing Sila: The Precepts, Karma, and Liberation (3 of 4) Tony Bernhard 2011-01-2753:27
Q & A Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-2614:37
Practice Notes: Awareness Holds Everything Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-262:54
Meeting Another Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-2435:21
Being, Doing, and Knowing Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-2335:33
The Power of Buddhist Prayer Ayya Santussika 2011-01-2136:12
Sutta Study: The Parinibbana Sutta: The Discourse On The Buddha's Last Day (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-214:05:52
Practicing Sila: The Precepts, Karma, and Liberation (2 of 4) Tony Bernhard 2011-01-2062:07
Complaining and Investigation Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-199:04
Practice Notes: Stillness and Movement Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-196:04
Paths To Freedom
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-1736:34
Four Noble Truths
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-1635:54
Practicing Sila: The Precepts, Karma, and Liberation (1 of 4) Tony Bernhard 2011-01-1355:30
Turning Towards Uncomfortableness
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-1211:51
Practice Notes
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-123:42
Retreats as Sanctuary Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-1023:04
Perfection of Effort Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-0939:18
Dharma Practice Series 2010 - 2011: The Paramis (Effort) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-073:54:42
Heart Felt Practice Jim Podolske 2011-01-0647:01
A Monastery Within - A Book Reading
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-0552:55
Qualities of Faith
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-0339:04
Boredom Ines Freedman 2011-01-0239:48
The Jewel of Mindfulness
Kim Allen 2010-12-2744:01
Compassion Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-2636:25
Investigating Emotions Andrea Fella 2010-12-2355:13
Ines Freedman 2010-12-2213:13
Working with Self
Ayya Anandabodhi 2010-12-2048:01
The Role of Buddhist Teachers Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-1941:00
Mindfulness of Emotions Andrea Fella 2010-12-1654:13
Sun Buddha Moon Buddha Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-1511:22
Practice Notes: The Shape of Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-157:13
Cultivating Conditions For Equanimity Andrea Fella 2010-12-1453:49
Being A Light Unto Yourself Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-1338:13
The Practice Of Retreats Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-1232:13
Recognizing Emotions Andrea Fella 2010-12-0953:28
How We Hold Our Thoughts Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-088:07
Practice Notes: Look Behind Your Thoughts Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-083:31
Exploring Equanimity by Exploring Reactivity Andrea Fella 2010-12-0757:49
What Are We Not Conscious Of
Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-0644:58
The Paramis-Wisdom Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-0543:21
The Dhammapada - Investigating the Best Known Collection of the Buddha's Teachings (Series) Tony Bernhard 2010-12-042:41:10
Dharma Practice Series 2010 - 2011: The Paramis (Wisdom) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-032:08:04
Understanding the Purpose of Practice Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-0113:22
Practice Notes: Mindfulness Itself Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-014:43
The Five Hindrances Gil Fronsdal 2010-11-2946:34
Experiences in Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Susan Ezequelle 2010-11-2836:24
Dharmette Maria Straatmann 2010-11-2412:22
Practice Notes Maria Straatmann 2010-11-245:10
Reflections on Loss
Gil Fronsdal 2010-11-2240:51
Teachings on Emptiness
Gil Fronsdal 2010-11-2140:22
Buddhist Teachings and Practice (5 of 5) Richard Shankman 2010-11-1864:22


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