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Anapanasati Sutta Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-1939:46
Meditate and Destroy Jason Murphy 2011-09-1841:37
Practicing With Kindness Jennifer Block 2011-09-1548:15
Ill Will and Aversion Ines Freedman 2011-09-1359:51
Pilgrimage, Buddha's Life Shantum Seth 2011-09-1255:27
Remembering 9-11: Choosing A Compassionate Response Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-1136:00
Dharma Practice Day: Brahma Viharas (Metta) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-095:19:11
Ethics and the Quality of Mind Maria Straatmann 2011-09-0845:57
Generosity Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-0713:26
Practice Notes: Mindfulness & Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-074:31
Greed Ines Freedman 2011-09-0659:12
Gratitude Revisited Beth Goldring 2011-09-0544:34
Metta as a Path to Awakening (Part 2) John Peacock 2011-09-0564:54
Metta as a Path to Awakening (Part 1) John Peacock 2011-09-051:16:12
The Buddha’s Teaching on Loving-Kindness: A Mature Path to Awakening (Series) John Peacock 2011-09-052:21:06
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 6 John Peacock 2011-09-041:54:06
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 5 John Peacock 2011-09-041:16:31
Mindfulness in the Buddhist Context
Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-0442:55
Buddhism before the Theravada Part 4 John Peacock 2011-09-031:13:40
Buddhism before the Theravada Part 3 John Peacock 2011-09-031:53:13
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 2 John Peacock 2011-09-0342:32
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 1 John Peacock 2011-09-031:36:43
Buddhism Before the Theravada (Series) John Peacock 2011-09-038:36:47
Wanting and Not Wanting Maria Straatmann 2011-09-0150:39
The Third Noble Truth: The ending of craving
Andrea Fella 2011-08-3053:38
Mindfulness Practice and Beliefs Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-2926:06
The Wanting Mind Annie Nugent 2011-08-2840:36
Opening to Attitude Andrea Fella 2011-08-2549:55
Dharmette: Awareness - Letting Go of Concepts Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-2411:09
Practice Notes: Relaxing the Body Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-243:43
Guided Reflection on Struggle
Andrea Fella 2011-08-2418:39
The Second Noble Truth and Feeling Tone
Andrea Fella 2011-08-2355:55
Settling the Mind Andrea Fella 2011-08-2244:21
Hidden Treasure
Mel Weitsman 2011-08-2136:37
Renunciation and Desire Ayya Santacitta 2011-08-1927:22
Anxiety Worry and Fear Andrea Fella 2011-08-1852:51
Three Kinds of Craving
Andrea Fella 2011-08-1649:06
The Dakini Speaks
Spring Washam 2011-08-1437:25
Hearing the Cries of the World
Jikoji August 2011 with Andrea Fella and Pam Weiss
Pamela Weiss 2011-08-1330:07
The Greatest Wonder
Jikoji August 2011 with Andrea Fella and Pam Weiss
Andrea Fella 2011-08-1327:42
Listening and Loving
Jikoji August 2011 with Andrea Fella and Pam Weiss
Pamela Weiss 2011-08-1245:01
The Buddhist Insight Network
Kim Allen 2011-08-1238:51
Refuge in Sangha Kathy Cheney 2011-08-1152:31
Wisdom and the Path
Jikoji August 2011 with Andrea Fella and Pam Weiss
Andrea Fella 2011-08-1151:27
The Natural Law of Cause and Effect
Andrea Fella 2011-08-0954:05
Navigating Your Life Anushka Fernandopulle 2011-08-0740:19
Not Clinging to Anything in the World Will Kabat-Zinn 2011-08-0654:03
Not Clinging to Anything in the World - Q&A Will Kabat-Zinn 2011-08-0649:45
Faith and Wisdom Andrea Fella 2011-08-0442:43
Dharmette: Right Speech and Criticism
Kim Allen 2011-08-0311:37
The Second Noble Truth
Andrea Fella 2011-08-0254:41
Investigating Happiness
Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-0148:48
Papañca Gil Fronsdal 2011-07-3136:10
Socially Engaged Buddhism: Tradition, Innovation, and Contemporary Challenges (Series) Donald Rothberg 2011-07-303:42:01
Going Around Coming Around Part 2 Carolyn Dille 2011-07-2852:49
Investigation Gil Fronsdal 2011-07-2542:19
Mindfulness and the Path Gil Fronsdal 2011-07-2442:28
Going Around Coming Around Part 1 Carolyn Dille 2011-07-2153:12
The Six Recollections Gil Fronsdal 2011-07-1844:26
Exploring Pleasant and Unpleasant
Gil Fronsdal 2011-07-1751:52
Changing Patterns Ayya Anandabodhi 2011-07-1531:22
The Middle of the Mess Andrea Fella 2011-07-1454:01
Dharmette: Appreciation David Cohn 2011-07-1315:07
Understanding Suffering
Andrea Fella 2011-07-1257:37
Listening to the Dharma Gil Fronsdal 2011-07-1143:19
The True Nature of Mind
Ari Goldfield 2011-07-1042:06
Guided Earth Grounding Meditation Ari Goldfield 2011-07-1035:13
Concentration and Insight Andrea Fella 2011-07-0752:35
The Five Aggregates
Andrea Fella 2011-07-0557:37
Kalyana Mitta Berget Jelane 2011-07-0448:31
Responding to Life's Storms
Jim Bronson 2011-07-0346:06
Hindrances to Concentration Andrea Fella 2011-06-3052:51
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2011-06-3033:16
Dharmette-Importance of Failing Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-2917:22
Practice Notes: Working with Failure Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-292:45
Three Kinds of Dukkha
Andrea Fella 2011-06-2852:39
The Book of Eights Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-2745:47
Perfection of Equanimity Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-2634:43
Comfortable Breath Andrea Fella 2011-06-2355:21
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2011-06-2320:14
Question and some Answers Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-2045:00
Paramis - Loving Kindness (Metta)
Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-1940:54
Befriending Uncertainty Ayya Santacitta 2011-06-1752:33
An Evening of Questions & Answers Andrea Fella 2011-06-1655:21
Dharmette - Getting Out of the Way - Trust Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-1512:57
Practice Notes: Just Notice and Feel Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-153:22
The Four Noble Truths Continued
Andrea Fella 2011-06-1454:16
Introducing Insight World Aid Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-1268:06
Inquiry On Love
Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-1220:57
Intention and Karma Andrea Fella 2011-06-0955:16
The Four Noble Truths
Andrea Fella 2011-06-0755:54
The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path (Series) Andrea Fella 2011-06-0755:31:01
The Context of Mindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-0638:57
The Paramis: Resolve Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-0540:37
Way Seeking Talk Victor Medina 2011-06-0249:12
Anxiety and the Dharma Maria Straatmann 2011-05-3160:55
Genjo Koan Gil Fronsdal 2011-05-3038:33
Reflections on Hope and Trust Angie Boissevain 2011-05-2942:59
Practice Notes: Respect Everything And Be Still Gil Fronsdal 2011-05-252:27
Personal Reflection of Retreats Gil Fronsdal 2011-05-2344:28


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