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Practice Notes: Vittaka & Viccara Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-306:17
Los Cinco Obstáculos (Series) Andrea Castillo 2011-11-293:56:27
The Cycle of Reactivity
Andrea Fella 2011-11-2954:32
Precepts Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-2844:49
Self Compassion Carla Brennan 2011-11-2740:46
Keep Practice Simple Shin Kwan Park 2011-11-2311:45
Cultivating Presence and 7 Factors of Awakening Maria Straatmann 2011-11-2257:25
Cultivating Presence and the Seven Factors Maria Straatmann 2011-11-2256:52
Questions & Answers
Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-2143:22
Fear as a Gateway to Deeper Understanding Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-2036:39
Appreciating the Open Heart Andrea Fella 2011-11-1754:25
Buddhism Simplified Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-168:15
Practice Notes: Thinking During Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-165:53
The Papanca of Planning Shaila Catherine 2011-11-1438:33
Investigating Desire
Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-1341:36
Encountering the Heavenly Messengers Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-1230:52
The Refuges Tony Bernhard 2011-11-1044:48
Practice Notes: How Are You? Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-092:54
Karma:Intention, Action and Results
Andrea Fella 2011-11-0852:16
Buddhist Ethics
Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-0747:39
Intention and Karma Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-0636:43
Dharma Practice Day: Brahma Viharas (Compassion) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-046:50:15
Receptive Awareness Andrea Fella 2011-11-0351:42
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 6 Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-021:22:55
Conditions for Compassion Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-0212:06
Practice Notes: Attitudes During Practice Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-023:09
Dharma en Español (Series) Andrea Castillo 2011-11-014:38:01
Views and Right View
Andrea Fella 2011-11-0142:36
Hungry Ghosts Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-3143:24
Generosity as Freedom Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-3027:27
Spirit of the Buddha (Series) Martine Batchelor 2011-10-294:26:19
The Simplicity of Practice Andrea Fella 2011-10-2752:13
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 5 Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-261:25:11
Balancing Past, Present, and Future Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-2611:54
Practice Notes: Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-263:04
Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path
Andrea Fella 2011-10-2554:31
Introducción a la Meditación en Español (Series) Andrea Castillo 2011-10-255:09:22
Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-2440:23
Generosity: Service
Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-2334:19
Work Sex Money Dharma Martin Aylward 2011-10-222:38:43
Occupy Wall Street: Standing Up to Greed, Hatred, and Delusion Ayya Santussika 2011-10-2155:40
The Path to Service Tempel Smith 2011-10-2045:07
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 4 Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-191:20:09
Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-1918:31
Practice Notes: Meditation Attitudes Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-196:04
Protecting Oneself and Protecting Others Through Mindfulness
  • Protecting Oneself and Others Slides  (PDF)
Bhikkhu Analayo 2011-10-181:38:10
Protecting Oneself and Protecting Others Through Mindfulness (Series) Bhikkhu Analayo 2011-10-181:38:10
Dynamics of Insight of Meditation
  • Dynamics of Insight Slides  (PDF)
Bhikkhu Analayo 2011-10-181:10:18
The Basic Dynamics of Insight Meditation (Series) Bhikkhu Analayo 2011-10-181:10:18
Nuns' Ordination Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-1744:16
Generosity: The Practice Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-1630:43
Dharma and the Magic Internet Anushka Fernandopulle 2011-10-1351:29
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 3 Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-121:26:18
Insight Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-1048:07
Loving Kindness Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-0940:12
The Dharma of Time Travel Anushka Fernandopulle 2011-10-0651:12
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 2 Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-051:17:46
The Dharma Rains On All of Us Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-058:52
Practice Notes: Being Actively Present Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-055:31
Understanding Dukkha Kim Allen 2011-10-0440:07
Stages of Practice Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-0343:21
Generosity: Overview Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-0235:03
Dharma of Resurrection Anushka Fernandopulle 2011-09-2949:58
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 1 Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-281:18:54
Dharmette: Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-2815:11
Practice Notes: Receiving Sensations Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-284:16
Relaxing Perception Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-2630:01
Tranquility Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-2531:09
The Dharma of Harry Potter Anushka Fernandopulle 2011-09-2251:54
Mahapajapati Theri: My Story Berget Jelane 2011-09-2123:30
Anapanasati Sutta Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-1939:46
Meditate and Destroy Jason Murphy 2011-09-1841:37
Practicing With Kindness Jennifer Block 2011-09-1548:15
Ill Will and Aversion Ines Freedman 2011-09-1359:51
Pilgrimage, Buddha's Life Shantum Seth 2011-09-1255:27
Remembering 9-11: Choosing A Compassionate Response Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-1136:00
Dharma Practice Day: Brahma Viharas (Metta) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-095:19:11
Ethics and the Quality of Mind Maria Straatmann 2011-09-0845:57
Generosity Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-0713:26
Practice Notes: Mindfulness & Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-074:31
Greed Ines Freedman 2011-09-0659:12
Gratitude Revisited Beth Goldring 2011-09-0544:34
Metta as a Path to Awakening (Part 2) John Peacock 2011-09-0564:54
Metta as a Path to Awakening (Part 1) John Peacock 2011-09-051:16:12
The Buddha’s Teaching on Loving-Kindness: A Mature Path to Awakening (Series) John Peacock 2011-09-052:21:06
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 6 John Peacock 2011-09-041:54:06
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 5 John Peacock 2011-09-041:16:31
Mindfulness in the Buddhist Context
Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-0442:55
Buddhism before the Theravada Part 4 John Peacock 2011-09-031:13:40
Buddhism before the Theravada Part 3 John Peacock 2011-09-031:53:13
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 2 John Peacock 2011-09-0342:32
Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 1 John Peacock 2011-09-031:36:43
Buddhism Before the Theravada (Series) John Peacock 2011-09-038:36:47
Wanting and Not Wanting Maria Straatmann 2011-09-0150:39
The Third Noble Truth: The ending of craving
Andrea Fella 2011-08-3053:38
Mindfulness Practice and Beliefs Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-2926:06
The Wanting Mind Annie Nugent 2011-08-2840:36
Opening to Attitude Andrea Fella 2011-08-2549:55
Dharmette: Awareness - Letting Go of Concepts Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-2411:09
Practice Notes: Relaxing the Body Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-243:43


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