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Post Retreat Conversation with Sayadaw U Tejaniya
Sayadaw U Tejaniya 2012-05-1131:07
Way Seeking Talk Cyndia Biver 2012-05-1049:33
Dharmette: Lost in Our Stories David Cohn 2012-05-0914:08
Concentration - Part 2 of 3 Gil Fronsdal 2012-05-0738:08
Vesak Talk for Adults Gil Fronsdal 2012-05-0616:25
Vesak Talk for Children Gil Fronsdal 2012-05-0618:18
Mindfulness Up Close Robert Cusick 2012-05-0362:37
Dharmette: How we lose peace Gil Fronsdal 2012-05-0213:22
Practice Notes: Noticing Peace Gil Fronsdal 2012-05-024:04
Concentration - Part 1 of 3
Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-3038:47
Equanimity is Overrated
Ajaan Thanissaro 2012-04-2936:03
Papañca (Series) Ajaan Thanissaro 2012-04-284:05:48
Questions and Answers Andrea Fella 2012-04-2654:27
Precepts Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-2513:27
Practice Notes: Heightened Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-253:58
Wise Livelihood
Andrea Fella 2012-04-2455:21
Five Aggregates
Ajaan Thanissaro 2012-04-2339:09
What Do We Bring That's Extra
Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-2237:34
Wise Speech Andrea Castillo 2012-04-1949:10
Seeing Yourself As Whole Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-1810:43
Gratification, Danger, Escape Maria Straatmann 2012-04-1746:04
Letting Go: Clinging and Peace
Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-1640:16
April 2012 Hidden Villa Retreat with Andrea Fella and Anushka Fernandopulle (Series) Andrea Fella 2012-04-164:56:51
Contemplation of Death Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-1541:33
Exploring Selfing Andrea Fella 2012-04-1255:56
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2012-04-1212:57
Dharmette: Spiritual Materialism Berget Jelane 2012-04-1113:52
Wise Action, Part 3
Andrea Fella 2012-04-1049:30
Wise Letting Go
Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-0939:00
Aligning Your Perspective With Your Highest Intention Richard Shankman 2012-04-0844:21
Metta Daylong (Series) Andrea Fella 2012-04-073:55:15
Exploring Not Self Andrea Fella 2012-04-0554:25
Dharmette: Integrity Berget Jelane 2012-04-0412:28
El Noble Óctuple Sendero (Series) Andrea Castillo 2012-04-037:04:52
Wise Action, Part 2
Andrea Fella 2012-04-0349:48
Training Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-0243:10
The Fruits of the Spiritual Life Leigh Brasington 2012-04-0141:45
Comic Fund Raising for the Insight Retreat Center Wes Nisker 2012-03-3158:07
Dharma Practice Day-Brahma Vihara- Equanimity (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-302:36:10
Delusion Andrea Fella 2012-03-2953:31
Wise Action, Part 1
Andrea Fella 2012-03-2753:45
Reflections on Desire Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-2645:04
Something About Nothing
Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-2515:54
Andrea Fella 2012-03-2454:01
Immediacy and the Five Aggregates
2012 March Hidden Villa Retreat with Gil Fronsdal & Andrea Fella
Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-2355:25
Andrea Fella 2012-03-2255:40
Thoughts on Inquiry Jim Podolske 2012-03-2249:10
Practicing with Desire
2012 March Hidden Villa Retreat with Gil Fronsdal & Andrea Fella
Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-2151:01
Andrea Fella 2012-03-2060:57
The Dharma and Mindfulness
2012 March Hidden Villa Retreat with Gil Fronsdal & Andrea Fella
Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-1954:49
2012 March Hidden Villa Retreat with Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-195:16:07
Taking Refuge
Paul Haller 2012-03-1941:34
Three ways of understanding the path
Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-1838:16
Regaining Balance Ayya Santacitta 2012-03-1637:19
What Are We Adding? Andrea Fella 2012-03-1553:06
Questions and Answers Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-1410:21
Practice Notes: The Weight of Concerns
Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-144:13
Wise Speech
Andrea Fella 2012-03-1356:48
Questions and Answers Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-1241:34
Views of the Dharma Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-1140:12
The Texture of Practice Maria Straatmann 2012-03-0851:48
Practice Notes: Satisfying Mindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-076:13
Dharmette Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-0711:29
Walking Meditation Chris Clifford 2012-03-0633:48
Practice And Busy Life Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-0537:04
Student-Teacher Dynamic Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-0440:55
A Single Excellent Night Andrea Fella 2012-03-0154:22
Insight World Aid: Compassionate Service Update Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-2964:48
Dharmette: How Do You Carry Yourself? Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-2911:50
Practice Notes: Balance During Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-293:26
Practical Ethics
Andrea Fella 2012-02-2851:34
Reviewing Meditation Technique
Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-2738:10
Teaching the Dharma Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-2635:48
Using Suffering as a Guide Andrea Fella 2012-02-2356:40
Intention of Kindness
Andrea Fella 2012-02-2154:12
The Path to Freedom Andrea Fella 2012-02-2045:46
The Pedagogy of the Buddha Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-1940:30
Salutation to the Triple Gem Ayya Santussika 2012-02-1762:25
Way Seeking Talk Liz Powell 2012-02-1646:47
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 6
Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-151:34:00
Dharmette: What am I Leaving Out? Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-158:57
Practice Notes: The Wow Factor Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-154:34
Desire Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-1327:00
Reflections on Effort Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-1241:54
The Four Noble Truths David Cohn 2012-02-0945:11
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 5
Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-081:30:57
Being Aware of Attitudes Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-0813:44
Practice Notes: Noting Background Attitudes Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-083:24
Las Cuatro Nobles Verdades (Series) Andrea Castillo 2012-02-071:35:53
Transforming our understanding of sense pleasure
Andrea Fella 2012-02-0753:55
Breath Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-0631:33
Cultivating Joy Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-0540:45
Balance Andrea Fella 2012-02-0253:27
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 4
Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-011:27:10
Dharmette-Dreams and Mindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-017:39
Practice Notes: Acknowledging Unmindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-013:05
Wise Intention
Andrea Fella 2012-01-3154:13
The Five Faculties Gil Fronsdal 2012-01-3039:59
Back to Basics Jim Podolske 2012-01-2649:37
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Week 3
Gil Fronsdal 2012-01-251:30:37


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