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Don Johnson has been practicing Vipassana with Gil Fronsdal since 1992. He is currently interested in how the Dhamma is being transmitted from East to West, and sits with Asian teachers such as U Pandita and U Silananda to learn directly from them. Don has taught college physics, managed an applied mathematics group, and held various marketing positions in Silicon Valley. In addition, he has been deeply involved in organizing grass roots political efforts around land use and civil liberties issues. Currently he practices craniosacral therapy in Montara.

Mindfulness 2005-09-2258:27
Hindrances: Aversion 2004-07-2959:25
Gradual Training 2004-03-2551:46
Anatta 2003-12-1853:54
Brahma Viharas 2003-08-1444:17
Qualities 2003-01-1660:02
Death 2002-06-1342:20
Right Effort 2002-03-0748:02


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