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Norman is a Zen priest and abbot, a husband, father, and a poet, a teacher with wide-ranging interests and passions. During almost 30 years at San Francisco Zen Center, he served as director, tenzo, tanto, operations manager and other positions. Norman retired as abbot of Zen Center in 2000 to take his teaching out into the world. He continues his involvement with the Zen Center as a senior Dharma teacher. Norman believes in the possibility of engaged renunciation: living a fully committed religious life that does not exclude family, work, and a passionate interest in the world. In addition to his teaching with the Everyday Zen sangha in the Bay Area, Norman is guiding teacher to four other groups: the Bellingham (WA) Zen Practice Group, the Mountain Rain Zen Community (Vancouver, B.C.), Mar de Jade (Mexico), and The New York Zen Circle (New York City).

Zen Koans (Part 1) 2004-08-2840:23
Zen Koans (Part 2) 2004-08-2841:28
Zen Koans (Part 3) 2004-08-2824:03
Zen Koans (Part 4) 2004-08-2844:20
Zen Koans (Part 5) 2004-08-2824:05
Zen Koans (Part 6) 2004-08-2849:58
Zen Koans (Part 7) 2004-08-2826:10
As Large as Life: Zen Koans for Everyday Practice (Series) 2004-08-284:10:31
Zen Hospice Project Benefit 2004-05-181:20:20


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