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Jim Bronson began working with the inner life and spiritual traditions as a student of Krishnamurti through a meditation course in 1968; he began Vipassana Meditation in 1990. Jim focuses on expressing his practice in the world with community outreach and education through Kara for those dealing with tragedy and loss. In addition to talks and meditation instruction in the Bay Area, he officiates at weddings and memorial services, and has organized retreats in natural settings.  He is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader program and serves on the IMC Chaplaincy Council.  He is helping create an anthology of practice wisdom, stories and art by lay Vipassana practitioners, called 'Passing It On'.

Responding to Life's Storms
The Buddha's Last Days 2011-02-2316:01
Everyday Nibbana 2010-11-1432:16
Buddhism In Surprising Places 2010-02-2347:25
Comfort In Times of Loss 2010-02-1653:40
The Sound of Silence 2009-06-2244:36
Paramis: Generosity (2 of 10) 2009-06-1854:41
Five Faculties: Wisdom (5 of 5) 2009-02-0556:42
New Beginings 2009-01-0153:07
The Five Faculties: Wisdom (5 of 5) 2007-11-0146:20
ThePrecepts: Refrain From Stealing - (2 of 5) 2007-01-1156:59
Hindrances: Restlessness - (Week 4) 2006-09-0755:26
Eightfold Path: Right Livelihood - Right Effort - (Week 3) 2006-02-0951:18
Three Wise Men from the East 2005-12-2257:37
Effort 2005-09-1559:33
Happiness 2005-07-2159:53
Cultivation 2005-02-0348:00
Luminous Moments 2004-12-2343:34
Awareness 2004-09-2351:59
Greed 2004-04-1552:58
Fearlessness 2003-10-2344:31
Dark Time Reflections 2002-12-1950:37
Intuitive Living 2002-09-2650:02
The Body 2002-05-3058:30
Liberation 2002-03-2848:06
Heart 2001-12-0662:09


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