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Rita Gross, or Acharya Rita as she is known, has been studying, practicing and teaching Vajrayana for forty years. Known as a warm, humorous and very clear teacher, she teaches with a rare combination of academic and dharmic perspectives. She is internationally known for her innovative work on gender and religion. She also has extensive training and experience as a professor of comparative studies in religion and is a Buddhist Dharma teacher, appointed to that position by Her Eminence Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche.

How to Internalize Dharma 2015-02-2242:00
Introduction to Vajrayana Buddhism FOR THOSE UNFAMILIAR WITH IT—THEORY AND PRACTICE (Series) 2015-02-215:21:52
How Clinging to Gender Identity Subverts Enlightenment 2014-01-1945:10
The Women around the Buddha (Series) 2014-01-185:05:23


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