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As a dharma teacher, Diana Clark, PhD, draws from her extensive retreat practice to teach in a warm-hearted and relevant manner. Being inspired by the Buddha’s teachings on peace and freedom, she teaches with an emphasis on both the beautiful and the practical and with a commitment to creating the conditions for the unfolding of both wisdom and compassion. As a Buddhist scholar Diana teaches courses on Theravada Buddhism at the Graduate Theological Union. She also leads discussions with dharma communities that explore the discourses of the Buddha with an emphasis on making these beautiful ancient teachings helpful and supportive today.

Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Knowing What to Do 2017-09-2063:11
Working with Desire 2017-09-1453:31
Happy Hour: Metta and the Stories We Tell Ourselves 2017-09-0649:53
Happy Hour: Guided Metta Working with Remorse 2017-08-3048:55
Happy Hour: Metta - Shifting Perceptions 2017-08-0949:22
Right View 2017-07-3133:53
Happy Hour: Metta - Guided Meditation to Work With the Internal Critic 2017-07-2653:04
Dharmette 2017-07-2615:30
Practice Note 2017-07-264:26
Happy Hour: Guided Loving Kindness for Body Parts 2017-07-1248:22
Happy Hour: Guided Metta for Parts of the Body 2017-06-2154:10
Happy Hour: Guided Metta - Self as Benefactor 2017-06-0748:51
Cultivating Kusala
Happy Hour: Guided Metta - Ease with Benefactor and Self 2017-05-2460:20
Commitment to Kindness 2017-05-1153:35
Questioning as Practice - Part 3 2017-01-1748:41
Questioning as Practice - Part 2 2017-01-1048:34
Questioning as Practice - Part 1 2017-01-0347:51
Joy With the World 2016-12-2546:38
Equanimity 2016-12-1243:13
JOY! 2016-07-0443:02
The Five Hindrances (Daylong with Andrea Castillo and Diana Clark) (Series) 2016-04-164:00:43
Working With Emotions 2016-03-0915:56
Noticing 2016-03-092:18
Working with Ill Will 2015-12-1338:34
Women in Buddhism Symposium: Laywomen in Pali Literature 2015-11-1436:59
Minimizing Fear 2015-09-1737:27
Dharmette:Field of Generosity 2015-09-1614:31
Practice Note: Noticing 2015-09-162:11
Overview of Buddhist Meditation (Series) 2015-08-014:22:09
Right View 2015-07-1339:08
Being Tameable 2015-06-2353:17
How to Support Our Practice. 2015-05-2539:47
Sincerity of Practice: Integrity, Wholeheartedness, Sincerity 2015-05-2013:45
Practice Note: Reflecting on What Inspires Your Practice 2015-05-202:22
Poetry and Breaking Free 2015-03-2942:16
Life of the Buddha (Series) 2015-03-144:01:19
Gratitude 2014-08-1441:09
Paths of Practice (Series) 2014-03-223:01:56
Introduction to Mindfulness - Thinking - week4 2014-01-291:32:56
Right Livelihood - Part 1
Beginners Practice Group Wk 4 Pt 1 2013-12-0443:42
Beginners Practice Group Wk 2 Pt 2 2013-11-2035:16
Beginners Practice Group Wk1 Pt1 2013-11-1346:03


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