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This workshop will explore ideas and experiences of emptiness. We’ll begin by considering Buddhist concepts of emptiness from early Buddhism through the later Mahayana and beyond. Then we’ll take a brief look at echoes of emptiness in later eastern and western philosophies and religions before examining emptiness in the work of contemporary artists and practitioners.

Central to the day will be investigation of our own experience and ideas of emptiness. Hopefully we’ll discover how emptiness is far from the quality of lack often ascribed to it, and how a such a transformed understanding may enrich our daily lives and well-being. The day will include teaching, discussion and sitting.

How Empty is Emptiness (Part 1) Gay Watson 2014-03-15 1:25:09
How Empty is Emptiness (Part 2) Gay Watson 2014-03-15 1:37:43
How Empty is Emptiness (Part 3) Gay Watson 2014-03-15 54:53
How Empty is Emptiness (Part 4) Gay Watson 2014-03-15 56:51


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