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Freely offered by IMC

The Five Hindrances (Daylong with Andrea Castillo and Diana Clark)

Curriculum based on the book Unhindered, by Gil Fronsdal, available here.

Exploration and discussion of well-known obstructions to practice. Discover the joy that naturally arises when we transform ostensible meditation obstacles into meditation objects.

As anyone who has tried to establish a meditation practice knows, the “Five Hindrances” can envelop and colonize the mind, making meditation and living our wisest life difficult. This daylong explores how to skillfully work with sensual desire, aversion, sloth & torpor, restlessness & worry, and doubt using mindfulness and antidotes. We practice how to turn these potential stumbling blocks into stepping stones to greater ease and happiness.


Title Speaker Date Length Length/
Introduction to working with the hindrances Diana Clark 2016.04.16 49:19 49:19
Sensual Desire and Ill Will Andrea Castillo 2016.04.16 1:22:49 1:22:49
Sloth and torpor Diana Clark 2016.04.16 29:39 29:39
Restlessness and worry Andrea Castillo 2016.04.16 25:28 25:28
The hindrance of doubt Diana Clark 2016.04.16 53:29 53:29

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