Happy Hour: Exploring Metta as the Five Elements RSS

In these series of Happy Hour talks, cultivation of loving-kindness / goodwill / friendliness / metta for self and others is explored through the imagery and qualities of different elements in the following order: fire, water, air, earth, and space. Each element enables us to explore a different aspect and relationship to the quality of metta.

Happy Hour: Metta as Holy Fire
Nikki Mirghafori 2020-06-18 52:33
Happy Hour: Metta as Healing Waters
Nikki Mirghafori 2020-06-19 45:34
Happy Hour: Metta as Nourishing Air
Nikki Mirghafori 2020-06-23 50:41
Happy Hour: Metta as Mother Earth
Nikki Mirghafori 2020-06-25 53:18
Happy Hour: Metta as Abundant Space
Nikki Mirghafori 2020-06-29 53:18


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