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An important part of understanding Dharma is understanding what is not Dharma. A great deal of American not-Dharma—what passes for Dharma but actually isn’t—comes from the thought of the early German Romantics.

Even though their names are little-known in America, their ideas have had an enormous influence on Americans attitudes about spiritual life. When approaching the Dharma, we tend to view it in light of these attitudes, which in some ways are congruent with what the Buddha taught, and in many ways run directly counter to it. This daylong course—through talks, readings, and discussions—focused on understanding Romantic ideas about religious life and inspiration, the transmission of these ideas through American thinkers such as Emerson and James, their influence on modern American Dharma, and the ways in which this influence has seriously distorted our idea of what counts as Dharma and where Dharma practice leads.

Romanticizing the Buddha (Part 1) Ajaan Thanissaro 2014-04-26 1:54:13
Romanticizing the Buddha (Part 2) Ajaan Thanissaro 2014-04-26 1:20:58
Romanticizing the Buddha (Part 3) Ajaan Thanissaro 2014-04-26 1:34:06


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