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During this daylong we will explore the spirit of the Buddha, characterized by kindness, creativity and questioning, through looking at discourses from the Pali Canon. We will use the prism of the eightfold path, as given in different suttas, to reflect on the path and develop it during the day. Together, we’ll cultivate some of the Buddhist meditation practices that were developed during and after the time of the Buddha. Through the use of such practices as questioning and mindfulness, we’ll reflect on each one of the eightfold paths to see what each means for us in our daily life.

Spirit of the Buddha - Part 1 Martine Batchelor 2011-10-29 38:49
Spirit of the Buddha - Part 2 Martine Batchelor 2011-10-29 51:57
Spirit of the Buddha - Part 3 Martine Batchelor 2011-10-29 34:53
Spirit of the Buddha - Part 4 Martine Batchelor 2011-10-29 67:46
Spirit of the Buddha - Part 5 Martine Batchelor 2011-10-29 1:13:39


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