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Maria Straatmann, a former scientist and businesswoman, has been a student of Vipassana meditation since 1996 with Gil Fronsdal as her teacher. She is a graduate of the Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy Program and End of Life Counselor training with Metta Institute; volunteered for many years with Zen Hospice Project. Maria serves as IMC Audiodharma Courses Coordinator and on its Chaplaincy Council. She is a Spirit Rock Buddhist Ritual Minister. Her emphasis as a teacher is on freedom through seeing things as they are and letting go of unskillful mind habits, on the cushion and especially in daily life.

Touching The Moment 2014-10-2215:28
This Moment 2014-10-221:17
Non-hatred and the Empathetic Heart 2014-09-0458:00
How Do I Practice With This 2014-08-2445:09
The Gift of Effort 2014-07-2256:46
Intention as Motivation 2014-07-1550:25
Non Addiction 2014-03-2614:34
Three Characteristics of Existence: And, so what? 2014-02-2558:13
Three Characteristics of Existence, Not Self 2014-02-1863:55
III. Roots of Suffering: Delusion 2013-10-2252:58
II. Roots of Suffering: Hatred and Aversion 2013-10-1561:10
Roots of Suffering: Greed 2013-10-0854:00
Being with the Mind 2013-08-2055:23
Contemplation of Feelings 2013-08-1352:08
Loss and Denial 2013-06-2262:14
What is Enlightenment? 2013-04-3055:15
The Boston Marathon - Judging 2013-04-2413:53
Noticing & Judgment 2013-04-245:24
Thoughts On Mindfulness 2013-02-2655:00
The Kindness of Self Awareness 2012-12-2615:21
Mindfulness & Kamma 2012-12-1214:44
Dharmette: Impermanence 2012-09-0514:52
Practice Notes: Noticing Change 2012-09-053:06
Seeing Things As They Are 2012-08-2153:52
When Things Don't Get Better 2012-08-1453:13
Dharmette: Yogurt Tubs and Generosity 2012-06-2012:04
Journey Through Grief - The Law of Change 2012-06-0955:21
Gratification, Danger, Escape 2012-04-1746:04
The Texture of Practice 2012-03-0851:48
Busyness - Greed, Hatred & Delusion 2011-12-2064:49
Forgiveness 2011-12-1261:46
Cultivating Presence and 7 Factors of Awakening 2011-11-2257:25
Cultivating Presence and the Seven Factors 2011-11-2256:52
Ethics and the Quality of Mind 2011-09-0845:57
Wanting and Not Wanting 2011-09-0150:39
Anxiety and the Dharma 2011-05-3160:55
Meeting Life 2011-03-2264:13
Dharmette 2010-11-2412:22
Practice Notes 2010-11-245:10
Developing Wisdom 2010-05-0643:16
On Stillness 2009-09-0352:19
Unpacking Direct Experience 2009-06-2842:34
Delusion and Its Opposite 2008-05-2255:42
Equanimity 2008-03-2054:47
Working With Non-Hate 2007-12-1345:23
The Five Faculties: Mindfulness (3 of 5) 2007-10-1853:00
Three Characteristics: Not Self - (3 of 3) 2006-12-1457:09
Hindrances: Doubt - (Week 5) 2006-09-1457:58
Love 2006-05-2551:38
Mudita Karuna Metta 2005-12-1556:56
Holding Pain 2004-12-3044:38
Intention 2004-03-1856:50


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