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Gil Fronsdal is the co-teacher at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, California and the Insight Retreat Center in Santa Cruz, California. He has been teaching since 1990. Gil has practiced Zen and Vipassana since 1975 and has a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from Stanford. He has trained in both the Japanese Soto Zen tradition and the Insight Meditation lineage of Theravada Buddhism of Southeast Asia. Gil was trained as a Vipassana teacher by Jack Kornfield and is part of the Vipassana teachers' collective at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He was ordained as a Soto Zen priest at the San Francisco Zen Center in 1982, and in 1995 he received Dharma Transmission from Mel Weitsman, the abbot of the Berkeley Zen Center. He has been the primary teacher for the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, California since 1990. He is a husband and father of two boys.

Environmental Stewardship
Dharma Practice Series: Mindful Steps to an Ethical Life (Series) 2013-10-0414:51:41
Dharma Practice Day -Ethics- Not Killing (Series) 2013-10-043:44:48
Introduction to mindfulness Class One on Breathing 2013-10-021:24:58
Earth Care Dharmette 2013-10-0214:49
Practice Notes for Earth Care 2013-10-024:56
Nature and Liberation 2013-09-3035:39
Not Self 2013-09-1544:26
Saying Yes/no 2013-09-1111:58
Determination (Resolve) 2013-09-0938:52
Our Relationship to Views 2013-09-0841:53
Community 2013-09-0245:35
The Simile of the Raft
Dharmette: Every Moment a Chance to Restart 2013-08-219:00
Practice Notes: Every Moment a New Confuguration 2013-08-212:59
Selfing 2013-08-1946:49
Compassion without a Basis 2013-08-1843:34
Dharmette: Opening The Door 2013-08-1413:49
Practice Notes: Proliferation of Thought 2013-08-144:26
Buddhism & Caring For The Environment 2013-08-1244:36
Buddhist Practice and the Environment 2013-08-1143:19
Dharmette: Discontent 2013-07-2410:53
Practice Notes: Contentment 2013-07-243:57
Turning Towards Difficulty 2013-07-2242:23
In the Wake of the Trayvon Martin trial 2013-07-2138:37
Dharmette: Love the Weeds 2013-07-1711:12
"Here" 2013-07-1542:18
Ethics 2013-07-1433:37
The Buddha's Teachings on Personal Practice and the Public Good with Gil Fronsdal and Diana Clark (Series) 2013-07-133:33:52
Stilling Desire 2013-07-109:53
Practice Notes 2013-07-103:02
Buddhist Holy Sites
The Absence Of Mistrust 2013-07-0135:00
1st Principle of Buddhism 2013-06-3046:24
Trust 2013-06-2446:12
Working With Hindrances BELLA
The Tides Of Conceiving 2013-06-1748:48
Humility 2013-06-0944:57
Reference Points 2013-06-0511:20
Practice Notes 2013-06-052:57
Attainment 2013-06-0326:49
The 5 Supports For Spiritual Maturity 2013-06-0246:10
Practice Note 2013-05-224:58
Mindfulness of Harmony 2013-05-2212:45
Practice suggestions 2013-05-220:00
Practice suggestions 2013-05-220:00
Mindfulness of the Body 2013-05-2044:51
Practicing with Perspectives 2013-05-1942:39
Changing Perspectives 2013-05-1512:07
Non-self and Self Confidence 2013-05-1240:37
Dharma Practice Day-Right Concentration (Series) 2013-05-033:05:20
Dharmette: Questions: Habits 2013-05-0114:59
Practice Notes: Put Aside Instructions 2013-05-012:20
Fear 2013-04-2946:00
Satipatthana: Establishing Mindfulness and Cultivating the Path 2013-04-2855:38
Dharmette: Impact Versus Reaction 2013-04-1711:24
Practice Notes: Notice Impact 2013-04-174:44
Response to Tragedy 2013-04-1518:07
Fear 2013-04-1433:58
The Dharma of IMC 2013-04-101:30:55
Guided Mindfulness Meditation
Cultivating the Noble Eightfold Path - Right Mindfulness (Series) 2013-04-053:44:33
Dharmette: Collectedness and Expansion 2013-04-0310:59
Practice Notes: Unification 2013-04-037:09
The Path Of Non Violence 2013-04-0143:40
Clear Comprehension: Conclusion
Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal
Morning Instruction: Thoughts
Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal
Clear Comprehension of Domain of practice
Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal
Clear Comprehension of Suitability
Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal
Morning Instructions: Mindfulness of Breathing
Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal
Clear Comprehension of Purpose
Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal
Morning Instructions: Breath
Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal
Cultivating the Noble Eightfold Path: Right Effort (Series) 2013-03-151:10:28
Dharmette: Intention 2013-03-1311:24
Pratice Notes: Intention 2013-03-133:47
The Five Hindrances Part Two 2013-03-1139:32
Reflections on Sila 2013-03-1027:27
Dharmette: Deep Letting Go 2013-03-068:09
Practice Notes: Concentration 2013-03-065:40
Five Hindrances 2013-03-0440:51
Samadhi: Concentration
Feb-Mar 2013 Retreat: Gil Fronsdal/John Travis
Meditation Instruction: Breath
Feb-Mar 2013 Retreat: Gil Fronsdal/John Travis
Dharmette: The Three Steps of Mindfulness (Part 2) 2013-02-2712:43
Practice Notes: The Three Steps of Mindfulness (Part 1) 2013-02-274:01
Introduction to the 3 Trainings
Feb-Mar 2013 Retreat: Gil Fronsdal/John Travis
Please Call Me by My True Names 2013-02-2422:49
Practice Notes: Confidence 2013-02-202:39
Dharmette: Notice What is Absent 2013-02-2011:27
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers 2013-02-1745:44
Cultivating the Noble Eightfold Path - Right Livelihood (Series) 2013-02-151:52:45
Dharmette: No Distractions 2013-02-1313:14
Overview Of The Eightfold Path 2013-02-1147:07
Becoming Aware of the Thinking Process 2013-02-1037:58
Intro Meditation Week 5: The Wider Application of Mindfulness 2013-02-061:27:34
Dharmette: Why be tense? 2013-02-0617:13
Practice Questions 2013-02-063:51
Right Concentration
Cutlivation & Insight: Not-self
Jan 2013 Retreat: Gil Fronsdal/Max Erdstein
Instruction: Mindfulness of how we're mindful
Jan 2013 Retreat: Gil Fronsdal/Max Erdstein


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