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Yield to the present
Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-043:19
Practice Notes Patient Abiding Gil Fronsdal 2015-02-113:58
Practice Notes: Mindfulness as Strength Gil Fronsdal 2015-01-213:41
Practice Notes
Gil Fronsdal 2015-01-145:52
Practice Notes Matthew Brensilver 2014-09-245:23
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:24
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:24
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-235:16
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-04-235:14
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-02-267:50
Practice Notes Matthew Brensilver 2014-02-208:03
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-02-125:11
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-02-053:16
Practice Notes: Intention Gil Fronsdal 2014-01-223:59
Practice Notes: Expanding Positive Emotion Awarness Gil Fronsdal 2014-01-154:13
Practice Notes: The What and How of Noticing Kim Allen 2014-01-011:59
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2013-12-184:34
Practice Notes: Recognize, Feel, Release Gil Fronsdal 2013-12-042:14
Practice Notes: Just Mental Noting Gil Fronsdal 2013-11-132:37
Practice Notes: Gate Keeping Gil Fronsdal 2013-11-065:52
Practice Notes: Patience Gil Fronsdal 2013-10-303:38
Practice Notes Liz Powell 2013-10-235:44
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2013-10-166:32
Practice Notes: Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2013-10-096:30
Practice Notes for Earth Care Gil Fronsdal 2013-10-024:56
Practice Notes: Every Moment a New Confuguration Gil Fronsdal 2013-08-212:59
Practice Notes: Proliferation of Thought Gil Fronsdal 2013-08-144:26
Practice Notes: Contentment Gil Fronsdal 2013-07-243:57
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2013-07-103:02
Practice Notes Shin Kwan Park 2013-06-122:34
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2013-06-052:57
Practice Notes: Put Aside Instructions Gil Fronsdal 2013-05-012:20
Practice Notes: Notice Impact Gil Fronsdal 2013-04-174:44
Practice Notes: Unification Gil Fronsdal 2013-04-037:09
Practice Notes: Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-065:40
Practice Notes: The Three Steps of Mindfulness (Part 1) Gil Fronsdal 2013-02-274:01
Practice Notes: Confidence Gil Fronsdal 2013-02-202:39
Practice Notes: Impermanence and Stability Gil Fronsdal 2013-01-233:59
Practice Notes: Selective Nature of Attention Gil Fronsdal 2013-01-167:43
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2013-01-092:44
Practice Notes: Your Relationship to What is Happening Gil Fronsdal 2012-11-073:37
Practice Notes: Consider Supportedness Gil Fronsdal 2012-10-313:04
Practice Notes: Establishing Clarity Gil Fronsdal 2012-10-103:49
Practice Notes: Keep It Simple Gil Fronsdal 2012-10-031:07
Practice Notes: Marbles in a Bowl Gil Fronsdal 2012-09-123:29
Practice Notes: Noticing Change Maria Straatmann 2012-09-053:06
Practice Notes: Finding Hidden Agendas Andrea Fella 2012-08-086:08
Practice Notes How Am I Now? Gil Fronsdal 2012-07-183:01
Practice Notes: Attention to the Body Gil Fronsdal 2012-07-113:43
Practice Notes: Noting Subtle Desires Gil Fronsdal 2012-06-134:31
Practice Notes: Naming Wandering Thoughts Gil Fronsdal 2012-05-232:55
Practice Notes: Noticing Peace Gil Fronsdal 2012-05-024:04
Practice Notes: Heightened Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2012-04-253:58
Practice Notes: The Weight of Concerns
Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-144:13
Practice Notes: Satisfying Mindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2012-03-076:13
Practice Notes: Balance During Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-293:26
Practice Notes: The Wow Factor Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-154:34
Practice Notes: Noting Background Attitudes Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-083:24
Practice Notes: Acknowledging Unmindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2012-02-013:05
Practice Notes: Staying Close In Gil Fronsdal 2012-01-253:37
Practice Notes: Relaxing During Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2012-01-186:55
Practice Notes: Relaxing During Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2011-12-213:36
Practice Notes: It's OK Gil Fronsdal 2011-12-146:00
Practice Notes: Mental Noting Gil Fronsdal 2011-12-075:45
Practice Notes: Vittaka & Viccara Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-306:17
Practice Notes: Thinking During Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-165:53
Practice Notes: How Are You? Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-092:54
Practice Notes: Attitudes During Practice Gil Fronsdal 2011-11-023:09
Practice Notes: Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-263:04
Practice Notes: Meditation Attitudes Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-196:04
Practice Notes: Being Actively Present Gil Fronsdal 2011-10-055:31
Practice Notes: Receiving Sensations Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-284:16
Practice Notes: Mindfulness & Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2011-09-074:31
Practice Notes: Relaxing the Body Gil Fronsdal 2011-08-243:43
Practice Notes: Working with Failure Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-292:45
Practice Notes: Just Notice and Feel Gil Fronsdal 2011-06-153:22
Practice Notes: Respect Everything And Be Still Gil Fronsdal 2011-05-252:27
Practice Notes: Do Not Know Mantra Gil Fronsdal 2011-05-042:36
Practice Notes: What We Pay Attention To Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-094:27
Practice Notes: Intention Gil Fronsdal 2011-03-022:28
Practice Notes: Keep It Simple Gil Fronsdal 2011-02-023:52
Practice Notes: Awareness Holds Everything Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-262:54
Practice Notes: Stillness and Movement Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-196:04
Practice Notes
Gil Fronsdal 2011-01-123:42
Practice Notes: The Shape of Awareness Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-157:13
Practice Notes: Look Behind Your Thoughts Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-083:31
Practice Notes: Mindfulness Itself Gil Fronsdal 2010-12-014:43
Practice Notes Maria Straatmann 2010-11-245:10
Practice Notes: Mindfulness of the Mind Gil Fronsdal 2010-11-104:36
Practice Notes: Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2010-11-036:07
Practice Notes: Mindfulness of Emotions Gil Fronsdal 2010-10-275:25
Practice Notes: The Importance of the Body Gil Fronsdal 2010-10-134:57
Practice Notes: The Breath Gil Fronsdal 2010-10-063:03
Practice Notes
Gil Fronsdal 2010-09-154:43
Practice Notes: Working with Tension Gil Fronsdal 2010-09-013:39
Practice Notes: In the Body Gil Fronsdal 2010-08-253:00
Practice Notes: Amoeba Mind Gil Fronsdal 2010-08-044:01
Practice Notes: Stability Gil Fronsdal 2010-07-284:51
Practice Notes: Be Relaxed Gil Fronsdal 2010-07-212:18
Practice Notes: Stillness Gil Fronsdal 2010-06-095:28


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