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Truth, the Seventh Parami (Dharma Practice Day, March 2017) RSS iTunes

Part five of a ten month program of study and practice of the ten perfections (paramis). These are ten qualities of character which, when developed, support both Buddhist practice and compassionate involvement in the world.

Guided Meditation for Truth
Ines Freedman 2017-03-1018:25
Introduction to the value of truth in practice.
Ines Freedman 2017-03-1017:53
DPD Truth, Part 3 Student comments Ines Freedman 2017-03-1013:29
DPD Truth Ines Freedman 2017-03-1033:03
DPD Truth, Part 4 Ines Freedman 2017-03-1033:03
DPD Truth, Part 5. Guided Meditation Ines Freedman 2017-03-108:47
DPD Truth, Part 6. Instructions for writing practice Ines Freedman 2017-03-1018:40
DPD Truth, Part 7, Student responses to writing practice Ines Freedman 2017-03-1010:38
DPD Truth, Part 8 Ines Freedman 2017-03-1012:45
DPD Truth, Part 9 Ines Freedman 2017-03-1017:51
DPD Truth, Part 10 Ines Freedman 2017-03-1018:06


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