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This daylong retreat explores flavors of joy in our meditation practice –gratitude, gladness, delight, and muditā – rejoicing in the goodness of our fellow beings. We cultivate joy in our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and with all beings through three complementary practices: insight meditation, qigong (embodiment and movement meditation), and opening the heart (Brahma-Vihāra meditation). This mostly silent retreat includes sitting, standing, and walking meditation, a dharma talk, qigong instruction, and guided meditations.

Guided Meditation: Joy in the Body Meg Gawler 2017-07-2241:32
Guided Standing Meditation: Joy in Being Present Meg Gawler 2017-07-2212:24
Embodying Joy - Body, Mind, and Heart Meg Gawler 2017-07-2246:41
Guided Meditation: Joy of an Open Heart Meg Gawler 2017-07-2231:59
Guided Meditation: Sympathetic Joy Meg Gawler 2017-07-2224:38
Brief Discussion at Close of Retreat Meg Gawler 2017-07-2219:21


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